‘Dharna Politics’ (or politically motivated sit-in protests) couldn’t become the buzzword of the political season (even in Delhi).

Now, it is doubtful if it (Dharna Politics) even aspired to be used, leave alone the thought of achieving the cult status of ‘fast politics’, the better taste of which Mr. Kejriwal had, the outcome of which he exploited successfully to gain a political foothold in Delhi, when Mr. Kejriwal decided to use it as a tool to force action on his demands, something that would have, for sure, left in a bitter taste.

His demands, that were routine political stuff and spoke more of his personal political ambitions than a concern for the ‘aam aadmi’, the common man, were clearly a breach of the trust that the electorate had shown in him while giving his Aam Aadmi Party such an unprecedented support in the Delhi assembly elections of December 2013.

He demanded suspension for four police officers and the control of the Delhi Police. He got nothing. Only three police officers in question have been sent on short leave.

And Mr. Kejriwal, the youngest chief minister of Delhi, is claiming victory after winding up his agitation in just 36 hours that was to go for 10 days. Shameful!

Instead, he should apologise to Delhiites who faced difficulties due to the nightmarish traffic snarls owing to his senseless act of bravado this time.

What a letdown! Since December 28, we have had and we continue to have letdowns by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party so consistently that we can comfortably call it the ‘Kejriwal Letdown Show’.

I am not a politician. I am not politically motivated to write all this. I am writing this because I am a common man. I am writing this because I put my stakes with the Aam Aadmi Party believing it will be an honest step on the path to the political change in the country leading to the System’s correction.

Yes, it makes anyone with such an aspiration feel bad and I am feeling bitter.

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Unlike the ‘fast politics’!


Kejriwal eases out of the trap he set but found himself trapped.

Blaming the Delhi Police being a highly compromised institution and trying to wrest its control making four Delhi Police officers’ suspension as his raison d’etre, Kejriwal finds his ill-thought reasoning compromised and desperately crashes out of his 10-day agitation show without scoring any point.


But the more shameful part was his claiming the victory. ‘The Kejriwal Letdown’ show continues.

Tries to save his face! Tries to save his skin!

But, thankfully, fails miserably.

Given the gloom of the prevailing political doom, we cannot afford compromises. We cannot afford complacency.


Anyway, the Delhi commoners would breathe easy.

Go and ask those who faced traffic jam nightmare due to Kejriwal’s desperado act to divert the public attention from increasing (and just) criticism of his government and his party on failing to deliver on the promises made and on failing to practice the ‘politics with difference’.


Mr. Kejriwal! My vote was for your party but enough is enough. Stop overshooting over your ‘already overdoing’ stuff. You are increasingly behaving like a politician from BJP or Congress or any other XYZ political party of that stereotype.

On Kejirwal’s ways and on suggestion of giving him more time: No issue there. But the ‘but’ comes when we find that he is yet to deliver on promises made and in spite of that, he is wasting time; time that he is fast running out of.

AAP needs to go beyond “Kejriwal’ otherwise it’s going to die soon.

On Kejriwal being the face of the fight against the present political dispensation: We are a chaotic democracy with many illnesses but the solution has to come from within in the prevailing context now.

Confrontation will only widen the chaos.

And Kejriwal is not the face. He should not be. He has not to be. He can just be an activist on the path to political redemption.

The lure of cult is already on the job to kill the activist in him.

On suggestion of joining the Aam Aadmi Party: I am ‘aam’ (common) ‘aam aadmi’, the common man, and I need to remain that way. Let the Aam Aadmi Party taste the outcome of getting ‘khaas’ (special/distinctive).

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Interesting! Ironically interesting!

An elected chief minister is protesting against an elected government.

That is happening in the world’s largest democracy.

One is the old, rugged and seasoned player of the game.

The other is the new, rugged and increasingly unreasoned rookie on the block.

A people’s representative is pitted against another people’s representative.

They both claim to be fighting for the people.

And their entourage is ready, prepared for the all-out battle.

Would ‘dharna politics’ become a buzzword like ‘fast politics’?

Mr. Kejriwal has kept a 10-day window to make ‘dharna politics’ a widely splashed word, to tell people that he is ‘by the people’ and he is the real ‘for the people’.

Bravado? Desperado? (Though we need, and I would love to use, but Heroism is fast becoming a misplaced word here.)

There is in-built, imminent threat is this ‘fighting for people’ battle can easily turn out to be a ‘mind game to own the people’ battle, like it has been happening always.

We (the voters, the primary source of power in a democracy) could never realise when the servants (as they define them when seeking votes – the representatives elected by us) became the kings (the power-bearers) and we became the servants (subjected even to slavish atrocities).

The grand old party of Indian politics is confronting its brand new entrant.

One, the seasoned one, was co-opted by the System a long ago and now works as the Central Cardinal of the System to work it the way that could facilitate the System’s dominance in the power corridors.

Other, the increasingly unreasoned one, promising a ‘politics of change’, talking of changing or repairing the System, looks heading to the same path, much to the dismay of ‘we, the voters’.

‘Happening so’ or ‘its not happening so’ would tell us whether Arvind Kejriwal has scaled up or gone down after taking the Delhi’s reins on December 28?

Whose is a bravado act and whose is a desperado act, only time will tell.

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