We all know the whole ISIS existence is totally anti-humanity. In fact, we cannot expect any semblance of the universal values of humanity being followed in the territories controlled by terrorist organizations like ISIS or Al Shabab – or for that matter, even radical organizations like IRA or ETA or Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party – or for that instance, in many countries run by dictatorial regimes with one party hegemony.

Such outfits always find this or that excuse to maintain their grip over power and most of them do so in the name of religion like ISIS is doing or quoting ethnicity and national pride like Nazi party did.

In fact, nothing could parallel the worst atrocity perpetrated in the name of ethnic superiority and national pride – the Holocaust – millions of Jews and many others were methodically killed in a cold blooded manner over the years. They were starved to death. They were gassed. They were arbitrarily shot. Many of them were burnt when they were still alive.

We all know, with the beginning of the end of the World War II, Hitler’s forces came to know that their defeat was imminent and they were going to be subjected to legal action for their war crimes. And so, the officials of the Concentration Camps, which dotted the German occupied territories, especially in Germany and Poland, were ordered to kill all inmates and wipe the evidence. In many camps they did so – but failed miserably. In many they could not do it.

In our generation, no one has seen the Holocaust, but those who follow it can very feel the horror by going through the literature available on it and by engaging with the visual documentation including fictional narratives based on experiences of victims. An engagement with the Holocaust documentation stirs your whole identity.

I had the similar feeling when I saw this tweet yesterday. It was by Col. Steve Warren, the Spokesman for the Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR), the US military operation against ISIS or ISIL (Islamic State) as his Twitter page says. Mr. Warren had tweeted a document that listed directives for the ISIS fighters on ‘how to commit atrocities on civilians before fleeing Fallujah’ so that the allied forces could be painted in dark in the propaganda material of the world’s most dreaded terrorist organization – that has established beyond doubt its grip over advanced communication technologies.

ISF is for Iraqi Security Forces and PMF for is Popular Mobilisation Forces, considered a Shia militia wing. They are engaged in fierce battle with ISIS. The ISIS directive lays down on how the ISIS fighters, dressed in ISF and PMF outfits, should maximize efforts to creates stage managed scenes for ISIS propaganda videos and it includes assault on women and execution of people.

Here, it is about one Iraqi city Fallujah. ISIS (or ISIL) adopts similar cruel ways in other cities in territories under its control – whether fleeing or not – killing people at will – in the name of ethnic cleansing and religious wars – like it was done in the Holocaust – though at a much larger scale.

Jim Clancy1

The only difference is – while the fleeing German forces tried to dispose of the incriminating evidence pushing them to commit even more crimes, the fleeing ISIS fighters brazenly carry out atrocities to film propaganda videos to flaunt their activities, to lure people further in the name of religion.

Featured Image Courtesy: Col. Steve Warren’s tweet

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As it is reacting today – from leaders enjoying its top echelons to leaders living in the remote barracks of its cadres – even if the overall structure of the cadres of the grand old party of India is rapidly deteriorating!

And in doing so, they are failing miserably – in explaining that how ‘their over-the-top, hoarse cries about political vendetta in the National Herald case is not touching the realms of judicial sovereignty and how it is not about trying to drag judiciary into the ongoing political row’.

Well, what is wrong in Subramanian Swamy or BJP pursuing the case?

BJP and Congress are political adversaries and given the state of affairs of Indian politics of the day, anyone would grab the opportunity to score political mileage a mismanaged affair like National Herald throws.

Congress would do the same if it would come across a similar opportunity.

So, no grand opinionating, no innovative catchphrases, no sycophantic overtures can justify what the Congress is trying to do – through its leaders – through its spokespersons.

In fact, the whole spectacle has put the Congress party in bad light – lost in a space where people can easily see through such designs.

What remains clear is the fact that the Delhi High Court saw dubious designs in the whole ‘Associate Journals Limited-Young Indian-National Herald’ affair, even if on Subramanian Swamy’s plea and ordered Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders accused in the case to appear in the lower court (Patiala House Court, Delhi), rejecting their appeal.

It is clear that people are not buying the charges of political vendetta in the case and are not going to buy it even in the future – apart from political grandstanding by few political outfits. They, in fact, clearly detest such political spectacles now. People can no longer be duped in the age of information access even if it sometimes creates chaos.

That is probably the reason that some sense prevailed and we did not see all that ‘tamasha’ like marches, rallies, effigy burning and sloganeering and we did not see the ‘expected grand climax of the day with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi not applying for bail’.

And anyway, the court proceedings lasted for some 10 minutes only granting bail to everyone rejecting Subramanian Swamy’s argument (of not granting bail), fixing the next date of hearing on 20th February 2016. No questions were asked; the court imposed no conditions for bails and asked just for personal sureties and guarantees. Same is expected to follow for Sam Pitroda who could not appear in the court due to health issues.

So, it again flew in the face of the party. Congress clearly miscalculated and overreacted here.

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The verbal war intensified today – as expected – throwing up catchphrases like ‘master of half-truth and beautiful lies’ and ‘diversionary tactics’ – and as expected – it is expected to run a hot spell for some more days.

But here is a wild thought – wild because this ‘normal reaction’ has become so rare in Indian politics – that now no one talks about it – in fact, the party that entered the political scene with a ‘promised intent’ to change all such practices fights till the very last to protect its offices – with an attitude ‘we are write, we will prevail, come what may’ – certainly an ominous proposition for democratic values.

Anyway, like happens – as the universal norms of the politics of probity demand – can Arun Jaitley resign till he clears all doubts/allegations requesting a probe into all allegations that have been levelled against him in the DDCA scam?

Agreed that such charges/allegations have been around there for quite some time now, so why the demand now?

Because their verbal display has never been so intense!

We need to accept that AAP has successfully shifted if not totally diverted/deflected the glare of CBI raid against Arvind Kejriwal’s Principal Secretary to the intense debates on ‘Arun Jaitley and the DDCA scam’.

And there are controversial elements – SFIO report, DDCA report and Delhi High Court report – with highly scathing comments – and even if Arun Jaitley is not named there, the politics of probity demands that he step down in the name of ‘collective responsibility’ and help actively in tightening the noose around real culprits.

But then, thinking about the ‘politics of probity’ in these days of muddied waters is again a wild thought! Isn’t it?

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Obviously it is not about the strait but the bridge that covers it – and obviously it is again going to be on the ‘celluloid screen’.

I may be wrong here in judging the prop in the scene but I would like to think I am right – that another movie scene has written the iconic ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ off – blowing it again – in fact annihilating it.

And it happens time and again – be it an apocalyptic script or a theme or a simple larger than life thrilling adventure.

The thought came to my mind while watching trailer of ‘X Men: Apocalypse‘.

I think it was the Golden Gate Bridge that was shown to go down in the trailer and here we need to keep this in mind that in another ‘X Men’ film, i.e., ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’, we had seen some similar treatment with the bridge, though, with a moderate spectacle.

I have seen it so many times – and so have others – the 1937 bridge coming down with a big, thunderous blast, huge clouds of dust and smoke and lots of chutzpah in movies with apocalyptic times or movies that show the Golden Gate Bridge facing critical destruction of climactic scenes as it was in Godzilla.

And after this trailer, continuing this random thought, I think I will write a larger piece on the subject (:)) with some proper research. 🙂

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CBI or Central Bureau of Investigation is India’s ‘premier’ investigation agency – as is said/as it says – when we see it in the context of the reputation enjoyed by police and other crime investigation agencies. It is certainly better than them. In fact, all complicated case, which get hyped up or due public attention, are transferred to CBI sooner or later.

While writing this, the agency is handling over 10000 cases with many spread in many states and many cases have accused in thousands while the overall sanctioned strength of CBI is just around 4500.

But as CBI come under the jurisdiction of the ruling party, it has always been in use for its misuse or its use to settle political scores. Here are some of the most common tags used for the agency but the list is not the exhaustive one and suggestions are welcome.

‘Misuse of CBI!’ / ‘CBI misuse!’

‘CBI the caged parrot!’

‘CBI a political tool!’

‘CBI raids!’ / ‘CBI files case!’ / ‘Overworked CBI!’

‘CBI under political pressure!’

‘CBI under political pressure!’

‘Political misuse of CBI!’

‘Nation has lost faith in CBI’.

‘CBI misuse by Congress government!’

‘CBI misuse by BJP government!’

‘Congress Bureau of Investigation!’

‘BJP Bureau of Investigation!’

‘CBI Autonomy!’

‘CBI works independently!’

‘CBI is an independent investigation agency.!’

‘Liberate CBI from political interference!’

‘CBI integrity!’

‘CBI’s political masters!’

‘CBI serves political interests!’

‘The government’s puppet!’

‘The caged parrot sings.!’

‘The caged parrot gets wings.!’

‘Would the caged parrot get wings to fly?!’

‘CBI a caged parrot with many masters!’

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Verdict in Salman Khan’s 2002 hit and run case: No one killed Nurullah Mehboob Sharif. He just died.

Verdict in Salman Khan’s 2002 hit and run case: No one broke Abdullah Rauf Shaikh’s leg. It just happened.

Verdict in Salman Khan’s 2002 hit and run case: No one broke Mohammad Kaleem’s leg and caused severe damage to his hand and back. It just happened.

Verdict in Salman Khan’s 2002 hit and run case: Mohammad Muslim’ thigh could not bear weight of his posture. And he was subsequently diagnosed with fracture.

Verdict in Salman Khan’s 2002 hit and run case: Abdul Shaikh (or Munna Malai Khan) just found his right foot under Salman’s vehicle. He doesn’t want to feel beyond it.

Verdict in Salman Khan’s 2002 hit and run case: Even a Google search hardly comes with victims ‘names – and even if it comes – names vary with reports.





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That we call it this time – confidence or something else – that was certainly not there in May this year – when the trial court had found him guilty in the 2002 hit and run case – and had sentenced him for five years. After the trial court sentenced him, he got bail on the same day from the Bombay High Court.

And it is expected that the Bombay High Court will deliver its verdict today on the Salman Khan’s appeal against the trial court order. Reports say the judge has dictated the order and will read it out today once Salman Khan reaches the court.

And Salman Khamn looks cool because there are indications that what may come out in the verdict will be great relief for the actor. During the course of dictating his order, the judge said, (as reports say) – “prosecution has failed to prove charges against Khan on all counts”.

Let’s see what happens next, later in the day.

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So, on a non-rhetorical note, India and Pakistan have decided to resume their bilateral dialogue again – that has had a fractured history so far – with many more lows and few, standalone highs.

And away from all pointers of debate and who said what in the past and who did what – it is the best possible option available for both countries – because it suits their populations back homes – two populations that were one before 1947.

It is the best thing that can happen to India and Pakistan – increased people to people to contact – revisiting the shared cultural interests that still define life in every city of India – and a ‘peaceful’ Pakistan can immensely benefit from it.

The present geopolitical balance where economy is the most important parameter to weigh one’s share in the ‘group of most effective voices’ on world affairs, Pakistan is nowhere near to India. India is a major world economy now and is poised to become a global power.

But that only makes for the case that it engages in peace process with Pakistan – to synergise its efforts in building an economy that is already the most preferred destination of every global outfit – and thus building a society that becomes an example. That one is a massive task with long term goals and require decades of continued nation building.

And doing so, engaging with India in the peace process and looking for solutions to the issues that create problems, will ultimately help India – its fledgling economy – increasing radicalization of its society – and its crumbling national integrity.

Even if Pakistan employs all its resources and wages a war till its last remnant , it will not be able to take Kashmir, or for that matter, any other part from India. This realization is already there. The need is to act on it. The need in Pakistan is to utilize the resources for nation building that it is wasting in creating troubles for India – a huge pool of resources that can prove very vital for Pakistani society.

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Editors of the Time Magazine have chosen Angela Merkel as the ‘Time Person of the Year 2015’ and we can easily gauge it why – in a year of great European Union (and Europe) crisis – first by Greece insolvency woes – and they by the incessant flux of refugees from war theatres like Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and many more – and Angela Merkel led Germany – as Germany is perceived globally and in Europe – and thus Europe.

Germany is a major global power, the most important European power and Angela Merkel, its Chancellor who recently completed ten years in office, has made it among the elite few countries with global outreach in geopolitics.

Greece debt crisis and flow of refugees in Europe, the largest mass migration since the World War II, were the issues threatening to derail the whole world.

And Germany, the country that imposed on the world the Holocaust, acted as the leader to ensure the much needed balance. And the world sees behind it the pragmatic vision of Angela Merkel as the most instrumental element – if at all there is a solution – or at least the sense of relief, even if we are not sure about. And then there are other issues like sanctions against Russia for its overtures in Ukraine (and its annexation of Crimea) or its active support to Bashar al-Assad of Syria – Angela Merkel has prevailed in convincing the world leaders that why she matters.

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