When I had seen that in your hands
Just my type was the expression
Breaking the mutual silence between us
That we had so wanted to preserve
Like the purity of words of our promises
Like the sanity of the first time
Like the wisdom folded in your hands
The silence that let us be ourselves
We did speak within the those confines
With the tenderness of your feelings
Singing along in the harmony of souls
The object in your hands was within me
And I loved the way you reciprocated then
Felt like the elusive rain in that summer
Transcending on spring of our silence
I had never thought – if it could be
The worlds within us didn’t need so
But we lived the moment as we would

Life n Its Offshoots-2


©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Can you please, ever, if?
Be the one, you used to be,
Can you please, ever, if?
Be the one, you had to be,
I don’t believe in,
What it came to be,
Still believe in,
What it was to be,
Can you please, ever, if?
Think of,
How bad you made it to be,
Can you please, ever, if?
Think of,
How careless you have been,
The change is so misleading,
That, you don’t sense it,
Even if you are realizing,
You should know,
It never happens twice,
Didn’t you say no?
To not doing so it again,
Can you please, ever, if?
Care to listen to the person,
You have to be,
Can you please, ever, if?
Be the one, you had to be,
Can you please, ever, if?

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Today, I did something
In the flow of life
Something yet again
That indeed
Was never undone
Today, it happened
As if, it was so inside me
Yes, it was,
So naturally instinctive
Like your memories
Taking me to the day
When I had seen
You first on my way
The first moments of you
Those hours and that view
Have stayed with me
Something, that
Reverberates every day
Always like anew
And with this bliss
You have come
To stay with me forever
Like the subtle guide
Of the moment
Showing me the
Better of you forever
Today, when it happened
It was indeed, to my end
The better aspect of being me
With you
With thoughts of being we
Of being the one I could be
Of being the man I should be

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


The words and the soul they had

Still sound so meaningful to me

 Cannot say why I read them still

Again and again, wishing for more

 Words that push the lost person in me

To be found, to become soulful again

 The words and the soul they had

Given a life by your presence

 Words, now personified by your absence

Cannot say why but they stayed

 Maybe, to be with my loneliness

To heal, when I seek nothing but you

Cannot say why I still care for you

Maybe, your silence still speaks to me

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –