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©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Thoughts, sometimes, they strike as the lightning waves, giving you the possibility of multiple dimensions, possibilities, that, sometimes, play on their own, and at times, give you the space to be played up the way you see them bordering on your emotions, allowing you to let the thoughts in or let them be at the bay of a juncture the inevitability of which in your life is not yet decided.

Thoughts, that come to us, in impulsive moments, when you are forced to act reflexively to get into the groove of a situation you don’t expect and feel flabbergasted by the vulnerability of the zing to channelize the relative presence of impulses and the relative absence of the succor to read the impulses to get them on your side into a conduit that can have motives and missives to flow the either way, to get into you or to take you into their fold.

Thoughts that look like on an onslaught to maul you even more, after an event of betrayal by the events of life carry a message that you need to read carefully before reacting on or assimilating the intent of the message that you read in the impulse of the moment when you were taken aback by the whims of life, the quirkiness of which can easily inundate you rendering you into a heap unrecognizable.

Thoughts come to you irrespective of content and quantum of the games you and life play with each other. It is a continuum that you need to persevere to learn and there is no escape from the harsh realities of the moments and the intents in such moments that come in-built. It only leaves you more vulnerable to be attacked more, to be compromised more and to be exploited further.

Take on the thoughts in such impulsive moments to get your pulse beat right on course to a healthy recovery. Face such thoughts with the composure of the person you are. Life will do all to negate that person in you in such impulsive moments to make you think and react impulsively. Don’t fall in the trap. Yes, it is difficult, but making and living an IDENTITY has never been a child’s play. Isn’t it?

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Life is the relative presence of metathoughts
Death is just a relative absence of thoughts

Happening as it is, happened as it was
Scripting the ride, lost in the celebrated void

Caught in the hide, away to the treacherous jive
The vibrating nonsense, the agitating moondance

Trespassing the soliloquy of you and me and us
Somewhere to the known territory beyond this life

Away from the amorous wilderness, a journey
To the metathoughts where all that is you and me

Where all that is to aspire is the thought of us
Where all that is to be spoken is only through the silence thus

Where absence or presence doesn’t make sense any more
Where betrayal or acceptance doesn’t come to the fore

Life is the relative presence of thoughts of us
Death is the absolute absences of thoughts of us

Happening it is, for-ever it is to be
Air melts, outlines dissolve..

The song gets the spontaneous tune,
A flow,
Weaving the magic of your unspoken words
Attuned to the calligraphy on that unsung ink
Charting the territory of the virgin wilderness

Eyes dig deep, go deeper, to find nothing, but
To be lost again in the magic of us
That tells me,
The beginning of you and me, reliving the joy of
That eternity of us..

Where are you has never been the question
For-ever it is to be, the eternity of us, is the
Only proposition..

Why did you do so does make for thoughts
It ceased to be between you and me a long ago
It was to be, and it is between me and me
Straddling my soul,
In thoughts, with metathoughts
To my territory beyond this life..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Thinking souls – the best thing about them is they keep things to them.
Thinking souls – the worst thing about them is they keep things to them.

Thinking souls – they believe in making a meaningful sense of life.
Thinking souls – they believe in looking for a life worth living.

Thinking souls – they read the life, they write the life, following the human conscience.
Thinking souls – they read the life in the context of the humane principles of morality, identity and existence.

Thinking souls – they believe in keeping others before their ‘Selves’ when it comes to sharing.
Thinking souls – they believe others are the similar souls as they are.

Thinking souls – they know one’s best friend is his inner self.
Thinking souls – they know one’s worst enemy is his ‘Self’ that takes him away from his inner self.

Thinking souls – they act to follow the saying that the real quest is within.
Thinking souls – they act to make a life of their inner self in harmony in with their external world.

Thinking souls – they believe in living with pain, not escaping, but assimilating it.
Thinking souls – they believe escaping the pain only exacerbates its experience.

Thinking souls – they know it is foolhardy to expect others to share your pain.
Thinking souls – they know pain can only be held by befriending and learning from it.

Thinking souls – they tend to look inside almost everytime thus.
Thinking souls – they tend to ignore, sometimes, when they need to talk to the external world.

Thinking souls – they tend to overstep on the reading, sometimes, failing to live the experience of pain.
Thinking souls – they tend to act excessively exclusively thus.

Thinking souls – they try to get along with the pain even if they cannot read it anymore.
Thinking souls – they try to make sense of a situation even if there is nothing left to make any sense.

Thinking souls – the best thing about them is they keep things to them.
Thinking souls – the worst thing about them is they keep things to them.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Like many other days of his life, thoughts again came to him, not questioning but to stay with him in his intimate moments. There happened to be a time when he would feel depressed the way he had been seen by the life in his recent past. He would be haunted by those thoughts.

Not anymore. But it is not any reconciliation sort of deal with life or its existential beliefs and disbeliefs. He never believed in making deals. Going straight was all that he had learnt.

He had always believed in his existence. Yes, he had deviated but there was no one else to blame but him. But now he doesn’t see any reason to blame his ‘self’ for that deviation. He now believes in his existence even more deeply.

But for it, he had to wage a battle deep within, something that made him look at the brighter side of the things he was totally unaware of in life, something that gave him an experience set of events and relations he had never thought of taking even a dip in.

Yes, it was not a reconciliation but a recognition to the realization of his own views of life and whether he could accommodate the same with this thinking nature. Yes, the journey back within had made him see the points of his mistakes and prepared to appreciate and learn from them.

Thoughts, their rush, they come to him, and he always finds moments for them, irrespective of the interrogative ‘Ws’. He is still not sure of the certainty on how he saw the light from those haunting memories but he looks well settled now with the echo of the thoughts of those memories that come so often to sit with him.

If it was an unbearable pain yesterday, it is still painful today, but the sides have changed. Now this pain soothes him while that pain was mercilessly treading.

This all owes to his belief in himself that he has been able to win back. He knows he was always seen as a weaker form of being, someone who embodied more wrong than right or possibly wrongs only, someone who was not was his words were, and to make things worse for him, he came to feel all those about him.

But there was something left in him, something that let him not to deviate from the basic texture that he had weaved for him in the very beginning.

He might not have known anything then but he knew he was on a journey where he had to be committed and honest, not for others, but for his own self. Yes, he never knew the ways of that life, but equally aware he was of his own ways of life even when the gloom was killing him. That is how he could fight and win back, that element of his sense of trust in him, that, though suppressed, kept on calling him.

And a day came, when he listened to it again.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/