Moments of feeling low come invariably in life.

Like life is a random event of a life-span that we try to make methodical by giving it a sense through our living, such moments, too, are random events happening regularly, with established elements of unpredictability behind them.

Like we try to control life by trying to give it an aim, a sense to make a living that stands out individually; that feeds us with elements of identity; that propels us with questions of existence, we need to make sense of ‘what and why’ of the moments making us feel low, making us miserable souls in depressing moments, to take control of them.

Yes, there cannot be a set procedure or practice to overcome such moments. It is simply your resolve that has to say ‘I persist’ whenever you feel the onslaught of life’s erratic flirtations and despondent hibernations.

Yes, it is difficult to do so. But you must realize that feeling low and thinking further about it stings even deeper; sucks even harder; macerates even smaller.

It has to be thought on the way that there is no option but to go down and invite more negativity if you linger more with your depression, if you let the moments making you feel low stay longer, if you value the factors (reasons) hounding in those moments take over you.

In no time, they become lethal enough to take over your thought process, to mess up with your identity, to dwarf your existence, to diminish the sense that you have been making of you.

Can you let that happen? Should you let that happen?

That can never be an option in life. That must never be.

There is no other option but to face them to kill them. The depression of such moments has to have only this validity that they make you think ‘what went wrong’ and ‘why it happened’ and how to tread further.

Feel low, but only to hit back. Pain is always a strong motivator if you can resist successfully the compulsions and temptations of escapism.

Whenever you feel low, you need to persist with the sensibility that gives your life the living you have been working for. Think of who you were and who you are. Think of the body of the work you have put in and let them play dice with the elements making you feel low. Persist. And you shall win.

You have to be in control of your life. Life should not control you.

If you feel low and you allow such moments to take over you, life will make you feel even lower.

Don’t give life that opportunity.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Life, with its oddities, is certainly beautiful
It never lets me be on an undemanding rule
Giving me the joyride of the intense emotions
Trying pushing me into making submissions

It has seldom come to play positive
I have declined to do it the negative
It has seldom come out to cheer
I have seen that as a point so clear

It has been a brilliantly disguised display
I know shadowing it has to be my play
Not so long ago, it looked all ‘the only’
That elemental hollow, but was never empty

Life played hard, the challenges were tough
There lies the beauty of nothing being enough
Life tried all to influence me to its discourse
Making me go inside deeper for my lost course

I could have been swept away again,
But, for this familiar spell of cruel game
Once done, it was never to be the same
It is my life, the resurrection of my claim

I could win me from life on my own terms
Yet it is with me..yes, life is certainly beautiful

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Life is certainly beautiful
Yes, it has been kind enough
To be seldom kind to me
And I am eternally thankful for

It helped me to see the light
When I was high on aberration
And stirred my emotional right
When I was low on salvation

Being the self-made one is the best
You can do to your existence
Yes, being misunderstood is painful
But be there with your persistence

Life can try all and can do all
But it can never kill the spirit
Life can take you to the extremes
Hit back, make it your hot pursuit

Nothing is right or wrong
Every day is a new you, a new song
Let you drive your experiences
Let your experiences drive you

It’s all before us, in this lifetime only
Yes, life is certainly beautiful

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/