In moments where we exist
With thoughts you insist
To go where we had been
To speak what we had seen
That is what we did
In moments where we exist
Hours, days and months
When we learnt how life confronts
Sometimes up, sometime down
But always a journey to uptown
Just love and love and love
And peace was the only treasure trove
This is what we did
In moments where we exist
We spoke, and we didn’t speak
But we travelled to a known peak
Where dreams were real
And where life was ethereal
We were in a land so celestial
So divine, that they called it surreal
But we knew the moments where we exist
Oh all that we did
In moments where we exist
The day when we decided to break free
Of the period we thought we could see
It took some weeks, maybe some months
But we learnt how life confronts
To go where we had been
To speak what we had seen




When emotions flow
Don’t hold them
For, it is who you are
Free, unhinged
And that is how
A life should be
So, be free like them
And seek their energy
To shape your convictions
And to find harmony there
Emotions don’t ask
They only correlate
To ‘who you have been’
Resolute, spirited
The way
A life should have been
So, be pure like them
And imbibe their soul
For a journey
That should be what
You thought you’d be



A night of endless hesitations
Perplexing and reassuring both
In some moments
We would come together
Living the years between us
But the fear then would creep in
Reminding us of the void
That had sent us apart
I would often ask
Why it had to go this way
I can’t say about you
But your eyes speak the same
Was it love?
Well, we never spoke about
But I did care
About even smallest things
Life was building
Like a nest so delicate
Yet so vulnerable
That I had left everything else
To weave its wings
I still fly with it
And it was same that night
Well, I never had them
But it really helped
To see you flying as well



It was just eternity
With eyes fixed at infinity
A distance was there
Mature like love in 30s
And experimental like
The love of those early 20s
Life was speaking
With life on its behalf
Still existing in those realms
Yet moving on as days go
The call was there
And it still echoes
Like an eternal bliss
As the beginning
That never sought its end
On a journey
That always looked beyond
An unspoken bond
Remains there
In life and beyond
You never know why it is
But you always know
What it takes, where it goes



It was not a day to get sentimental
Yet they rushed in, like any other day
What can you do in such moments?
Well, it’s always better to go with it
After all, emotions never betray you
Yes, at times it feels like they suck
But, then it is always the next day
But, then it is always a new day
Emotions are quintessentially true
To life and times weaved around us
And if they overpower our souls
It is only to help us, to give us a view
That we somehow had missed so far..

Robbed..Somewhere in the hinterland India-W