“For I feel for I happened to be someone”
“For I felt I was not that one”
“For I felt I was not who I was”
“For I feel I am who I am”
“For I felt I needed to be someone”
“For I feel I will be someone”

“For I feel I have denied the moments their right to play with me”
“For I feel they still feel they can play with me but..”
“For I feel I feel their despair to loose the winning vein”

“For I feel for the rustles in the layers”
“For I feel for the layers to be living vague identities”
“For I feel for identities that struggle”
“For I feel for struggles more numerous than others..”
“For I feel for that anxious urge of identities to come alone, to go along”
“For I feel for this stasis and resurrection of layers to bind their identities”
“For I feel for this urge of layers to be one in harmony with all the parallelism”

“For I feel for what I felt for who I was,
“For I feel for that co-existence with that subtle parallelism”
“For I feel for that forgotten aspect added to my thoughts”
“For I feel for my Soul to be there for this”
“For I feel for my Soul to be with me”
“For I feel for the urge of rustling layers to be one with..
..to be one with the splutter of the raining beads of thoughts”
“For I feel for I need to feel what I felt”

July 23, 2009

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


The darkness,
Had a view
Strapped, unseen, ignored
Forbidden of its value
I had to see it,
I had to hold it
It could get too frenetic

You need to find you,
To meet you,
There would be
Reasons to rue
Think of,
What has been,
Your virtue
Believing again,
Has to be about you
Rewriting again,
What was always true

Yes, the darkness,
Had this message too
Hidden by the shadow,
That was untrue

I had to read it,
Again I had to foresee
Lest it was too late,
To hold it within me

I needed to reclaim me,
The clutches of the dark
I needed,
To read life again
To deliver,
It on my benchmark
The measure,
Had to be just me

The darkness,
Has its honest alter-ego
The reclaimed ‘self’,
Sees the light grow

Think negative,
Only to think positive
Be practical,
But live your ideals
Love your ‘self’,
To love others

Life is because you are
Living has the elation
Only if,
You are its expression
Born on a day,
You are life’s celebration

I read the darkness again,
To rewrite it,
To go,
Beyond the forbidden
Life is about me,
Once again,
Remains unshaken

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Courage has been more than a word

It was the only help personified

When the darkness started taking over

It stayed as the only constant

When my Soul looked increasing distant

It has been there in moments of pain

When the spirit of living was the wane

It has been there in the moments of distress

When there were no more words to express

Courage has been more than a word

It has been the only call identified..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/