Like it had been,
The melodrama, that it was,
Was not so sweet
As it was made to be,
The love was postmodern,
And was discreet

The lines were blurred,
The tradeoffs made clear
With the hindsight scripted,
It then had some smear
The sophist saw it near,
Wrote the end of drama then
The existentialist was hit finally,
A soul was deeply violated when..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Can you please, ever, if?
Be the one, you used to be,
Can you please, ever, if?
Be the one, you had to be,
I don’t believe in,
What it came to be,
Still believe in,
What it was to be,
Can you please, ever, if?
Think of,
How bad you made it to be,
Can you please, ever, if?
Think of,
How careless you have been,
The change is so misleading,
That, you don’t sense it,
Even if you are realizing,
You should know,
It never happens twice,
Didn’t you say no?
To not doing so it again,
Can you please, ever, if?
Care to listen to the person,
You have to be,
Can you please, ever, if?
Be the one, you had to be,
Can you please, ever, if?

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


I would not say it didn’t affect
That would be unlike being me
I would not seek you to regret
That I never expected to be

You went,
Taking away a part of me
You left,
Splitting the Soul inside me
You disappeared,
Shaking my sense of ‘being

Still, you existed,
Why I don’t know
Yes, life would be different
If it were still for us
My thoughts aren’t mine
When it still comes to you

I’ll not say it doesn’t affect
That is unlike being me
Why so, but I don’t regret
Somehow, it is now a part of me

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Gloomy and dark,
That sudden spark,
Looking for,
That ‘something’,
In the flow of,
Delayed thoughts, and,
Absent moments,
Not even,
The desperate urge,
Makes any sense,
The sense,
Sucks the sensibility,
Yet again,
In that,
Late night bewilderment,
I seek you,
From the dark,
For my gloom,
To get that spark,
To get the meaning,
Of that ‘something’
Yet again,
In that,
Late night bewilderment,
When sleep,
Becomes an insensitive ‘friend’
When solitude,
Comes not to comprehend,
Why, I still, seek you
Again, yet again,
In that,
Late night bewilderment,
Why, you still,
Delay my thoughts,
Why, you still,
Make for my absent moments,
In the,
Late night bewilderments..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Today, I did something
In the flow of life
Something yet again
That indeed
Was never undone
Today, it happened
As if, it was so inside me
Yes, it was,
So naturally instinctive
Like your memories
Taking me to the day
When I had seen
You first on my way
The first moments of you
Those hours and that view
Have stayed with me
Something, that
Reverberates every day
Always like anew
And with this bliss
You have come
To stay with me forever
Like the subtle guide
Of the moment
Showing me the
Better of you forever
Today, when it happened
It was indeed, to my end
The better aspect of being me
With you
With thoughts of being we
Of being the one I could be
Of being the man I should be

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


The words and the soul they had

Still sound so meaningful to me

 Cannot say why I read them still

Again and again, wishing for more

 Words that push the lost person in me

To be found, to become soulful again

 The words and the soul they had

Given a life by your presence

 Words, now personified by your absence

Cannot say why but they stayed

 Maybe, to be with my loneliness

To heal, when I seek nothing but you

Cannot say why I still care for you

Maybe, your silence still speaks to me

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – 


It revives
The persisting rains
After a sultry
Humid spell
It embraces
The rain drops
A longing Soul
As it shall
The never satiated
Thirst again, of
My restlessness
In thoughts
It wraps
The new green
Leaves discover
Yet again
It radiates
The fragrance
The soil exudes
Yet again
The rain
Takes me
To the days of ‘us’
To ‘you’

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Where are you, I don’t seek anymore

Why aren’t you, I don’t ask anymore

Why don’t you speak, I don’t question anymore

Why don’t you ask, I don’t think about anymore

Why did you go I could not have asked

What made you go still makes for my thoughts

You said it was, you said it wasn’t

I tried to listen, I tried to follow but couldn’t

I had to but I could not ask why I wasn’t

Why it had to be, what it had not to be

I am still, there, and here, with me, waiting

Would you please, come back, at least, to let me know..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


This sentence was written somewhere:‘Separation’ is a wound that no one can heal but ‘Remembrance’ is a gift no one can steal.

Memories..I am gifted!

Taking a side, heading a day,
Having a longing for the yesterday
When, again, I talk to me,
Morphing the soliloquy of me into we
The night falls, the day prepares to call
The night roars, the day whispers
The straight bars still changing angles
The roars, the whispers, and their confused jitters
Their desperate war cry to tread-off some solace
At the cost of loosing identities; getting some place
Slowly comes the high when all dazzles, and all is seen
The horizons melt, the bounds sublimate, setting the pace
The night and day, now tucking at the bay
I lose all, the night and the day,
When I plunge into this fall,
Out of bounds, taking the side, heading the day,
Now, in my own way
The unusual becomes the real,
When the ethereal becomes the surreal,
When the bars fade-in to come in a circle,
My words find their place, fed with my Soul
When you come to sit with me,
Words make a free fall and silence only speaks
I run again to be lost in that sublime whole,
When I talk to me, gone beyond this life,
Floating in the depth of the melted thoughts,
Drifted apart, drifted alone; getting the parts, creating the whole
The harmony of the silence gets louder,
The Soul stops seeking all, the flow gets wider,
There comes the moment,
Where I sublimate, away from all,
There remains just the soliloquy of we,
Lost in my absurdity, tanned with my words
Washed ashore on the riverine bed of the whole,
Cruising along the unsung song,
When creeps in the painful moment,
Where the journey back to this life begins,
Throwing me into the chasm of lost moments of the night
The Soul remains, but the flow is frozen,
That odd entity, the sleep, comes in its oddity,
The bars resume their dangling,
Crawling again with their rumbustious angling
The day falls, hopefully, for the night to call
Passing a day, living again the yesterday..

October 14, 2011

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Absolute thoughts of the grey in extreme wilds

Complete with exonerated guilts of nowhere

It was all so discrete and yet all so everyday

It happened to be one big anthem of nothingness

Shut up and closed down, pleading and waiting

Reading, taking notes of absence, writing nothing

The groovy slice and the curvaceous hollow

What that was there, what that wasn’t to be there

The theatre of the theatrics, beyond the insanity

In harmony with absurdity, romancing the ghetto

All said and done and yet all remained undone

The slight whisker and its magnanimous bartender

Rendered dates to the history, days remained empty

That strange love of the wilderness and its craziness

It was all so grey and extreme yet enticingly wilder

The absolute thoughts of the grey in the extreme wilds

November 20, 2012

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –