In moments where we exist
With thoughts you insist
To go where we had been
To speak what we had seen
That is what we did
In moments where we exist
Hours, days and months
When we learnt how life confronts
Sometimes up, sometime down
But always a journey to uptown
Just love and love and love
And peace was the only treasure trove
This is what we did
In moments where we exist
We spoke, and we didn’t speak
But we travelled to a known peak
Where dreams were real
And where life was ethereal
We were in a land so celestial
So divine, that they called it surreal
But we knew the moments where we exist
Oh all that we did
In moments where we exist
The day when we decided to break free
Of the period we thought we could see
It took some weeks, maybe some months
But we learnt how life confronts
To go where we had been
To speak what we had seen




A night of endless hesitations
Perplexing and reassuring both
In some moments
We would come together
Living the years between us
But the fear then would creep in
Reminding us of the void
That had sent us apart
I would often ask
Why it had to go this way
I can’t say about you
But your eyes speak the same
Was it love?
Well, we never spoke about
But I did care
About even smallest things
Life was building
Like a nest so delicate
Yet so vulnerable
That I had left everything else
To weave its wings
I still fly with it
And it was same that night
Well, I never had them
But it really helped
To see you flying as well



It was just eternity
With eyes fixed at infinity
A distance was there
Mature like love in 30s
And experimental like
The love of those early 20s
Life was speaking
With life on its behalf
Still existing in those realms
Yet moving on as days go
The call was there
And it still echoes
Like an eternal bliss
As the beginning
That never sought its end
On a journey
That always looked beyond
An unspoken bond
Remains there
In life and beyond
You never know why it is
But you always know
What it takes, where it goes



Let’s go there today, beyond those inhibitions
Life has taken so long and yet there is no word
Wait is a good experience only when it speaks
It sucks when silence forgets how to express
It might have been your soulful decision once
But it has betrayed you for so long that it hurts
You may not express it, but I, too, share its pain
We had walked together when life had a story
We are still walking together, trying to rewrite it
I have my words in place, but it is your time now
Come along the words our souls weaved then
In the worlds where the story had a conscience
I lived my part and I am still living it as my soul
You could not but I never felt any inhibition
It was not that I was strong and you were weak
Probably, words could not fall in place for you
I knew where our worlds were going to take us
I lived your questions all along, like my echoes
But you found yourself trapped by inhibitions
Yes, I was strong enough to see through them
I never asked for your reasons but now I say
Come beyond those inhibitions and reasons
The story that you left there, is still speaking



That night was just the beginning
And the day was its metaphor
Life was brewing something
And living was singing in choir
There were differences still
But harmony was all pervasive
The unknown had its obvious thrill
The known was all so intensive
We met and decided to sit
We spoke and decided to stay
The dark all around was so discreet
That, words easily found their way
The sunshine was so reassuring
That silence found a common point
All those years seemed so enduring
That the souls had a similar viewpoint
Yes, it was indeed a new beginning
With all those charming metaphors
Life, again, was on that curve
And living was ready to ride the verve



Love in those heady days
Fulsome with all its heady ways
When she would say it all
When he would do it all
Where he would go
There she would go
There silence had no place
Words were all to fill the space
Love in those heady days
Fulsome with all its heady ways
When it wasn’t planned
When it was on demand
When songs flew together
And souls danced together
Where life never sucked
Where love never ducked
The textbook love romanticized
With all the feelings fantacised
Be it sorrow or tomorrow
It was intended only to grow
Whether a cry on the sly
Or a fury with adrenaline high
He and she would take it all
She and he would never fall
Oh yes love in those heady days
Fulsome with all its heady ways

DTI-1 - Copy




A long time has passed
Let’s sit together again
There, in its silence
In its familiar sounds
There, where,
Words would flow
The heart would listen
Some time,
Through your eyes
Some time,
Through my feelings
Some memories would come afresh
And a few memories anew
It was love,
Or an attachment
We never cared to know
That feeling of being together
Was everything to us
We never felt the need
To know our ‘I’s
Neither we cared to know
Each other’s ‘I’s
Everything seemed within us
That feeling of being together
Is still alive, the way it was
The heart still goes out
Between those trees there
Let’s find some time again
To live again those memories..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Love then
Was in the air
Or flowing in your veins
Well, whatever
It didn’t become jugular
Though it always thought
That it was the one
Love then
Was inside you
Or over you
It didn’t speak much
What mattered
Was the word
And its romanticism
Whether it was artistic
Or pushed you into literature
You really didn’t know
All you were concerned
Was about primacy
Of your feelings
And of your individuality
Love then
Was you personified
Giving you solitude
And days of soliloquies
Where you loved to speak
To yourself
With all the smiles
And the momentary pauses
That would creep in
Making you blue
Or making you blush
Love then
Was the last word
Of your longish nights
And the first thought
Of your rushed daybreaks
And of all your teeny vibes
Yes, it was there
Certainly in the air
Even if
It didn’t become jugular

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –