Societies with taboos
Societies with lesser taboos
Words with appendages
Used to serve purposes

Parasitic socialites
Narcissist reformers
Playing for attention
Vying to gain traction

Scavenging guardians
Scheming watchmen
The extracting traders
The able masqueraders

Social niceties, and,
Social hibernations
Social manipulation,
And, social degradation

The vocal evil
The cunning vigil
The silent devil
The two-faced shrill

The cocktail served neat
Loaded full and extra sweet
Taboos and lesser taboos
And the business as such

The social mercenaries
With customized taboos
In the green already marked
Targets they find aplenty

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


‘How reckless life is?’
‘How reckless a life can be?’ 

— The games the existence plays with the identities..

— Silly pursuits of life when the spirit of living was staring at death..

— And life recklessly made you love the fatalist in you..

— And you recklessly followed the fictions of life..

‘The games that were to be played differently.’
‘The games that were not to be played.’

— How reckless a life becomes..

— Mutilating its own soul while playing with others..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


The taxi was not driven.
The driver was not smitten.
The ginger was maniacal.
The mister was on sabbatical.
The ride was jumping, groovy.
The guide was thumping, curvy.
The taxi was bubbly high.
The driver was suitably shy.
The drive was exciting.
The driveway was not enticing.
The ginger was on fire.
The mister saw the wire.
The ride was in place.
The guide was not in race.
The reading was mischievous.
The payback was impervious.
The taxi was not driven.
The words were not given.
The driver was not smitten.


©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Be wary of the masks people wear.

You cannot sift from the lot, you cannot segregate them, to have a secluded life to keep your soul away from these masks.

At the same time, you cannot allow them to exploit you, to humiliate your soul.

So, be cautious of people who wear masks.

It is true, sometimes, you know you are being exploited yet you continue to be honest, to be good to, to be in relation with the person exploiting you.

No harm in doing so as long as you see it supporting the cause of you being ‘you’, as long as you feel good about assimilating the pain it gives.

It is true you need to trust certain people as you move with time building your life, as you socialize. You need to remain honest while you build relations because that is a must, an imperative, for you to remain honest to ‘you’, to your soul, to your identity, to your existence.

But you must be vigilant enough, careful enough to realize where and when to draw the line, when to restrict the flow.

Yes, it is better to be an emotional fool than to be a practical opportunist.

But, be practical enough to realize the parasitic masks around you.

Socialize, build relations, but maintain a safe distance from the masks. Don’t act the way they act to get over them but don’t let them play with your emotive quotient either.

If you have been exploited by the mask(s) and they are still trying to play with you, it should be the warning message to read the writing on the wall.

Be sociable. Be amicable. But be heedful.

Yes, be an emotional fool when it comes to the purity of emotions, when it comes to the sanctity of you soul, when it comes to the authority of your thoughts, when it comes to honesty and commitment.

But don’t be a fool.

Yes, don’t be a practical opportunist but act practical when you see your ‘be good’ motivation is leading to excessive stress, is giving you pain beyond assimilation.

Be wary enough of the masks to be able to read when it is the time.

Act emotionally fool to give relations that extra mile to save them in turbulent times, but be practical enough to read it when your emotional attachment and your emotive quotient become tools for the masks to use you, to take you for granted.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –