It was a vast expanse, virgin and uncharted
The joy of mapping it day after day
It was like visiting sanctums yet to be seen
The soul had no further expectations then
Than being on a journey to life and beyond
Paths would speak to destinations like routine
Sometimes it would be green of the rain
Or like the blue singing in melancholy quatrains
But all were like the dots waiting to connect
Known, unexpected, all colours would meet
In the freedom of sameness and its shades



It was yet a summer day
Seven years to that winter
When it was a different song
And with a difficult note
So rough was its melody
That all was lost into it
So intensely it was done
That he was left all to him
Days were frosty and alone
Even if it was a summer sun
Life flowed, melted
Left bruised, dispirited
The winter that stayed
In a summer that swayed
Seven years to that winter
It was again a summer day
In by-lanes of memories
When it all came rushing in
That’s still a different song
Been there all along
But seven years is so long
That it has got all along
Staying there, in a corner
Albeit, without its marker



O childhood
I was again lost in your innocence
When you didn’t ask me why
Your anger looks so complete
For both of us
That it doesn’t need words
Like that expression on your face
As natural, as reactive,
As life is supposed to be
You speak when you feel
You react when you have to
A freedom so natural to us
Yet we have to crave for it
In a life, driven by compulsions
We have almost forgotten
What it is about being a human
Our broken souls do cry inside
But in a painted world
Where we selectively cry
As it is invitational to its semiotics
And so to our inhibitions
When I see you o childhood
I realize what I have lost in life
And I go through this grind so often



A long time has passed
Let’s sit together again
There, in its silence
In its familiar sounds
There, where,
Words would flow
The heart would listen
Some time,
Through your eyes
Some time,
Through my feelings
Some memories would come afresh
And a few memories anew
It was love,
Or an attachment
We never cared to know
That feeling of being together
Was everything to us
We never felt the need
To know our ‘I’s
Neither we cared to know
Each other’s ‘I’s
Everything seemed within us
That feeling of being together
Is still alive, the way it was
The heart still goes out
Between those trees there
Let’s find some time again
To live again those memories..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


My face is just an access to the mirror
Otherwise there is a deep disconnect
Perpetuated by years of dependence
Perpetrated by countless hours together
We never realized what would be the life
When reflections will tell different stories
Now there are colours to mix in yours
And there are colours to fade in ours
The mirror shows us those tales to plead
But I find you adrift, lost in yesteryears
And how would I not know the eventual
You are as I am, lost in time and its stories
My face, like yours, lost in each other, is,
Just an access to the mirror, not its stories

Entrapped by Loss


©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


It was so
Not so long ago
When reasons had gone dumb
And senses were forced to go numb
Life was in moments but not as a whole
It was so
Not so long ago
When a life was in denial
Even if succinct was every trial
Reasons came in flashes, on an isolated pole
It was so
Not so long ago
When nights used to be longer
And days had their dullness stronger
Words sounded hollow, as if coming from a deep hole
It was so
Not so long ago
When his poetry stopped being lyrical
As if the moments of reflection were mythical
He knew he had to fight back but he did not know the mole
It was so
Not so long ago
When it all seemed lost in a chasm
Trapped in a labyrinth of an endless sensory spasm
Where an identity was crushed even if all that was left was his soul..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


It was a sceptical smile
Not sure of
Whether to go for it
Or let it pass just like that
Life so far
Had been a tale
Inked and sung
But with long pauses as well
When sentiments betrayed
And trust was treaded
The colour was so dark
That it took years
To get to that hinge
To see through the layers
Of life and of living
Yes, smile is liberated again
But scars remain
Reminding of that darkness
And of duplicities
Life inks its tales again
And look for stories
But layers desist pauses now
And when you came here
Promising to stay
It questioned more
Than healing those scars
It’s probably not your fault
But it’s not even mine

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


‘Let’s do it’ the other day you had decided
When you were left haunted and aggrieved
Pulled down by life’s routine and its uncertainties
Even if still in company of your rebel oddities
The other day when it had climaxed for you
The cacophony and a spilled over moronic virtue
The layers had suddenly lost their identities
Living was being held ransom to vague necessities
The other day when you had found yourself trapped
Into a dark alley of nihilism, and totally gagged
Your voice was lost into voids of nothingness
Your thoughts failed to speak from that mess
The other day when sense had sucked sensibility
And you were in desperate need of some brevity
To breathe free, to see why it had come to this
‘Let’s do it’ was a pledge by a life held in this abyss

Solitary Collage


©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


I am a city, your city
Whether you came to my life
Or I became a part of you
It is not just about that
Even after a distance of years
It seems
We have stayed back there
For each other, waiting
For that relaxed evening
When we would sit together
With Ganga
And would talk to thoughts
If you look for me
I, too, call for you
Yes, if I am incomplete
I am complete as well
I think so when I feel
I don’t find a companion
Like you in my lanes anymore
Meeting you was like
A daily event in life
You left
But the connect remained
To revive that feeling again
I am a city
Once involved in your life
Residing in your heart
We both seek
Those moments now
And life in those evenings..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Let’s sit together and think
That was quite sometimes ago
Don’t you think we should do so?
It’s been some time
When we had last this silence
Spread over the colours of us
The race life has become
Takes us to shores
Where words though echo
They always look in a hurry
To rush to the middle ground
Life looks cocooned,
Impregnated in a shell
Marooned to the logs adrift
And it has taken over us
Changing the way we introspect
And reflect on, when we sit
But can we change the way really?
Shouldn’t we introspect?
Let’s sit together and think
Thinking and reflecting on
The way it was between us
When life was not a race
When silence made us to croon
And words echoed to sing
Let’s sit together and think
What meant togetherness then?
And why it sucks now?
Why we question more,
And why we look in eyes less?
Let’s sit together and think
When ‘us’ started becoming ‘I’,
And shores the shifting grounds
Don’t you think we should go back,
To the colours of us..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –