We cannot compare the benefits of travelling solo and in group, especially with friends. They have their own inclinations to get along with you, and at times, you love both. Generally, as we know, it has be interplay of both, external as well as internal factors.

But, ultimately, if we go by our inner call, then any such decision is a mix of factors acting in coordination that finally decide with which way we will go.

The first factor is the weaving of your thought process.

If you are a person who enjoys your own company, you would love to go for a solo trip where you can croon, dance, sit and talk, all coming from and going inside you.

The best thing about having such intense one-on-one with you that you easily follow your own path even if you are in a group of friends. Yes, the nature of your interaction with self changes accordingly.

Trips that are exploratory in nature have their best chances when they find someone like this on the journey. They find their ways, be among people or walking alone. They are the truth-seekers. They are the knowledge-seekers. They are the wisdom-seekers. And journeys seek them.

The second factor is your mood.

Irrespective of the proclivity of your conscious (and subconscious mind), it is your mood that first decides whether you would go a for trip at all and if it says yes, then what contours it will take – whether your mood is pushing for you to take a solitary break away from the world around you to look for some moments in your own company – or it is seeking to share what is inside you with your friends and a group trip along the highway or in the valleys or on the hills or anywhere you like is the perfect occasion for it.

The third factor is obviously the occasion.

It is again interplay of different factors. If you are a party goer, you will seek to turn every group occasion into a good party time. You, will, in fact, go to every extent possible to have those evenings or nights or days again and again.

If you are a normal guy or girl next door, you will go where the party goes. And even if you are a reluctant, self-contained soul, you will not hesitate to become part of the show because you know it is going to be just those hours.

Mind you folks, these are about normal existences. We are not taking about exceptions and exclusivities here. We are talking about life journeys here.



A night of endless hesitations
Perplexing and reassuring both
In some moments
We would come together
Living the years between us
But the fear then would creep in
Reminding us of the void
That had sent us apart
I would often ask
Why it had to go this way
I can’t say about you
But your eyes speak the same
Was it love?
Well, we never spoke about
But I did care
About even smallest things
Life was building
Like a nest so delicate
Yet so vulnerable
That I had left everything else
To weave its wings
I still fly with it
And it was same that night
Well, I never had them
But it really helped
To see you flying as well



The door was opaque, like the dust
Frustrating and giving hopes similarly
There looked nothing beyond its colours
Yet there was this opening to go past it
To bathe the soul anew after the hiatus
That had gone into uncertain directions
Yes, fear was the spoken writ of times
That colours would fade into nothingness
But the silent spirit of hope remained
Pushing to go through the passage left
Like the oft quoted hoping against hope
Yes, sometimes it hurts, but for good
Moments make you fugitive of fate
Or a recluse of life’s imposed hesitations
At times, you wish to run into a dark room
Holding tightly the loosening grip of hope
Alone and mocked, left adrift with chaos
When even your own people question you
For being so stubborn with a failing hope
But you remain there, believing in you
The black of the failing hope, sometimes
Is the only element that speaks for you
Helping you get over your frustration
Taking you beyond, through the passage



Sometimes it happens
We exist in the places
We never existed
And we stay back
To listen to them
Like that promise
Which was made to us
To let us know
That we existed there
Life has a destiny
But has destinations
Which we seldom know
We need to go there
To speak in voids
To see if it echoes
A voice
That calls us
Asks us to come back
Missing our roots
We go there again
For, if we have to be
We need to exist
Not just there
But in all spaces
That echo like a home



It was just eternity
With eyes fixed at infinity
A distance was there
Mature like love in 30s
And experimental like
The love of those early 20s
Life was speaking
With life on its behalf
Still existing in those realms
Yet moving on as days go
The call was there
And it still echoes
Like an eternal bliss
As the beginning
That never sought its end
On a journey
That always looked beyond
An unspoken bond
Remains there
In life and beyond
You never know why it is
But you always know
What it takes, where it goes



You are wearing red
I am in no mood for a blue either
The mood was sentimental yesterday
Life is experimental today
Whether it be a bumpy ride
Or a joyride through your side
Let it get all over you
Painting you in that reddish hue
Let us melt in our stories
Let us dwell in their histories
I want to see that tomorrow
Where it all will be in a yellowish glow
I think it’s what even you would go for
Because I still remember that metaphor
Of that speaking night
When it all sounded so right
Can’t we dance like that again
Shouldn’t we sing like that again
The red is all in the air
And there is no place for a blue memoir
Let’s walk along as we should
With souls bathed together as we could



Think about it passionately
Life is in this moment
Beckoning you from restless altars
Sing along with it
Why can’t you write a new piece?
Go by your inner call
This crap was never meant for you
Okay, what was there has flown
Now is the time
Think about it
Write your mind, write your moments
Speak your life, jive with your soul
Let your senses prevail
Let your call be heard
Go by what you are for
Think passionately, act joyfully
Life’s romance was always here
In this moment only
Get along with it
It was always there, waiting for you



Where do we call home.
Where do we seek life.
Where do we come from.
Where do we sing life.
Where do we go.
What do we live for.
When do we take sides.
What do we die for.
A name was given to you.
A name you became.
A man was thought about.
A man you became.
Where is the home.
What became of life.
Where is the name.
What became of the guide.
Where do we come from.
Where do we go.
When do we dance.
When life sings.
When do we seek.
When do we give.
When do we cry.
Where do we go to cry.
Where do we belong.
Where questions cease.
Where answers speak.
There we call home.
Where we belong.
When life is a song.
When it can’t go wrong.
There we call home.
Its where we come from.



The third poem and the fourth prologue
Just like this day, just like that dialogue
Roaming in thoughts, roaming in the wild
Dancing in the sun, dancing like a child
Just yet another day that you got right
Just yet another night that talks bright
When words flow to find hidden places
When rhymes gel to carve new spaces
It was like yesterday, like its epilogue
It is for tomorrow with today’s prologue
Three days, three poems, and its ring
What is the next one is to be the zing
The dialogue has set things in motion
Let’s see if this image finds its caption

LetsTry - Copy




Love in those heady days
Fulsome with all its heady ways
When she would say it all
When he would do it all
Where he would go
There she would go
There silence had no place
Words were all to fill the space
Love in those heady days
Fulsome with all its heady ways
When it wasn’t planned
When it was on demand
When songs flew together
And souls danced together
Where life never sucked
Where love never ducked
The textbook love romanticized
With all the feelings fantacised
Be it sorrow or tomorrow
It was intended only to grow
Whether a cry on the sly
Or a fury with adrenaline high
He and she would take it all
She and he would never fall
Oh yes love in those heady days
Fulsome with all its heady ways

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