North Korea, ratcheting up its already ratcheted up rhetoric, has SENT OUT yet another clear warning that it will be full scale war on any given day if the US and South Korea continue with their audacity of disturbing the North Korean poise.

Now we should appreciate this poise by North Korea.

After all, despite having sent so many feelers, so many stern messages and so many clear warnings FOR DECADES, the great North Korean leaders, so far, have desisted (and RESISTED) from embarking on even a small military skirmish..except firing some artillery shells or cross-border shots, except allegedly sinking South Korean naval vessels, except laying landmines in the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone between North Korea and South Korea) that keeps on wounding South Korean soldiers and except violating South Korean territorial waters.

Shouldn’t it have been difficult for North Korea to calm its nerves so as to remain the world let in the green zone of no war in the region?

But for how long can their patience be tested?

Whenever such times come, we see a prompt warning from the quiet leaders of the hermit kingdom who believe in living an isolationist, quarantined way of life, away from the materialist creations that a modern, technology driven society brings. The North Korean leaders have consciously shunned the materialist advances of a consumerist world to stay close to nature. So even if the world has moved to 5G smartphones, North Korea is jolly happy to savour the luxury of video cassette and CD players in the country. And they are a prized possession. Only few in the country has the outreach to possess these, the tech antiquities of the modern day world.

And now, the times have created yet another instance when the Kim nation has been FORCED to issue a stern warning to the world. Like every sovereign nation believes, the North Koreans, too, believe that they have the sovereign rights to develop the warfare that can keep their way of life safe from the worldly intervention. SO WHAT if the world doesn’t believe that the North Korean missile or nuclear programme is not peaeful and aimed at self-defense.



The ‘Kim Nation’ under the efficient leadership of the third Kim, Kim Jong-un, extending the legacies of his grandfather, Kim Il-sung and father, Kim Jong-il, has fired another shot at its arch-enemy, the United States of America, with the successful test of ‘a cutting edge’ missile, details of which are not out yet. (Okay, this was the scene also in February 2015 when North Korea had conducted a missile test, though that an ‘intelligent, cutting-edge missile.)

On February 8 that year, the elite nation of the elite ‘Rogue League’ of the selected world nations, test fired an ‘ultra-precision’ anti-ship missile of highest technological sophistication (as it claimed). As was said, the third Kim was personally monitoring the exercise, timed before the annual joint military exercise of South Korea and the US, and commended his team for the ‘zero error’ technological expertise, and thus for sending a befitting warning to his rivals.

Then, it was a clear cut warning signal to the world under the leadership of the world’s most powerful person, Barack Obama, the US President since 2009, who had become an eyesore for the dear plump leader.

Now, it is to give a message, again to the most powerful person on the Earth, again the US President, but a different one, Barack Obama’s successor, who doesn’t believe in playing the world’s leader’s role. (Irrespective of the fact that his credentials to prove is leadership role back home look thrown in some perpetual crisis, thanks to his life and lifestyle.) Anyway volumes have been written on him and much more is to come.

As expected (as happens every time), the Sunday morning test launch by the ‘elite rogue’ is already a global headline, pushing the international media including the US into an overdrive, aimed at undermining the North Korean achievement by spinning stories on ‘design, effectiveness and technical details’ of the missile.

Weeks after the February 2015 test (and every time), reports and analyses kept outpouring. It always extends celebrations of these so-called supreme achievement in the hermit kingdom. The North Korean elite believe any sustained negative international media coverage is acceptance of their country’s increasing might. At the same time, the North Koreans also find the hollow rhetoric of the frustrated global forces including the US a good source of funny points to laugh over.

Hitting on the jack provided by this yet another lethal addition in the North Korean arsenal, the official North Korean media had then, in the February 2015, declared that Barack Obama was feeling so low with the beaming images of Kim Jong-un that he tried to hide his irritation by indulging in a senseless and gaudy ‘selfie act’.

KCNA, the North Korean state media had reported, “Though the partisan US and international media are publicizing the exercise as a promotional event for Obamacare, a health programme, the always credible North Korean intelligence sources say it was a diversion prescribed by Obama’s psychiatrist seeing his heightened level of frustration over the latest North Korean achievement. Now, as the US has no might to take on the supreme forces of North Korea militarily, its leaders are indulging in propaganda acts like this, where they vent their frustration by making gestures as if they are targeting out Supreme Leader, the Commander of the all powerful North Korean forces. Pity them.”

Obama’s successor, who sounds like arch-enemy and has vowed to undo everything ‘Obama-esque’, especially the Obamacare, has reacted on this North Korean act (or bravado, as the sense goes), in his trademark business sense, saying he is 100% behind Japan (South Korea, too, would be expecting some reassuring words). But there is no harsh rhetoric yet. The White House, like it likes to say, has said that it is aware of the missile test and is closely monitoring the situation.

It is being widely analysed and reported that it was a North Korean warning for Donald Trump and also an exercise to gauge how the next White House administration to be when it comes to dealing with the elite of the ‘Rogue League’. Let’s see how it plays out – like a ‘jack’ or a ‘hack’.