The article originally appeared on India Today.

Joining the US and its allies in condemning North Korea on its International Ballistic Missile (ICBM) test launch, India has called upon “North Korea to refrain from such actions that undermine international peace and stability.”

“Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) continued pursuit of nuclear and ballistic missile programmes and its proliferation links pose a grave threat to international peace and stability,” a strongly worded MEA release on the issue said adding that “they have also adversely impacted India’s national security.”

“India also urges the international community to work together to hold accountable all those parties that have supported these programmes,” the MEA release further added.

North Korea successfully test fired its first ever ICBM, that can also carry nuclear warheads, on July 4 which, according to experts, is a new type unlike the previous North Korean missile tests and with a range of over 8000 Kms, can easily reach the American mainland. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un taunted that the successful ICBM launch was a gift to America on its Independence Day that also falls on July 4.

Yesterday, Enna Park, South Korea’s Ambassador for Public Diplomacy who, had requested India to become a party of the global effort to deal with North Korea. Enna Park is in India as special representative of South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

North Korea’s ICBM has left the major world powers divided. A Russia-China joint statement was soft when it put the onus of North Korea’s missile launch on annual US-South Korea military drills in the region and deployment of the US anti-ballistic missile defence system THAAD in South Korea.

Trump who had said earlier he would not allow North Korea to have an ICBM, reacted strongly saying US was drawing plans for its “pretty severe” response. The US, with South Korea, held military drill in response to North Korea’s ICBM and the US allies held an emergency UN Security Council meeting where US’ UN Ambassador Nikki Haley asserted that the US could use “considerable military forces” if situation demanded.



The article originally appeared on India Today.
Here it is bit modified.

While the major world powers are a divided lot on what stand they should take against North Korea after its nuclear capable Inter Continental Ballistic Missile test launch yesterday, the Korean peninsula nation has gone a step further and has issued a grave threat against South Korea and the US, in an apparent attack over the joint US-South Korea military drills in the Korean peninsula region.

Timing its first ICBM launch event with the American Independence Day on July 4 and the 45th anniversary of the July 4 statement, the first official communiqué on agreement between North Korea and South Korea on Korean reunification, North Korea has warned against “submitting and kowtowing” to the US.

According to a Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) release, North Korea has warned that “the US puppet warmongers inside and outside who are bringing escalated tension and crisis of a nuclear war to the Korean peninsula through reckless military actions, in defiance of the fundamental principle of peaceful reunification should be dealt with heavy blows and should be wiped out of this sacred land.”

According to the release available on media aggregators on North Korea, the South Korean regime, pushed by its candlelight demonstrators and subservient to the US, is abusing power and North Korea, out of its “heavy responsibility for the destiny of the nation”, will never tolerate such traitors. The release says that the South Korean authorities should not run amuck else there will be catastrophic consequences as North Korea is fully prepared, “including the ability to mount precision strikes to target even the eyes of all sorts of enemies, after putting in place the deterrence for showering the US with bullets and shells of justice any moment.”

South Korea and North Korea had issued a joint statement on 4 July 1972 on future roadmap for the Korean reunification. Central to the agreement were the clauses that said the reunification was to be achieved internally and peacefully, without use of force and reliance on external actors. But after North Korea started pursuing its nuclear and missile programme, South Korea started dithering from it. What followed was decades of highs and lows on the Korean reunification front with changing regimes and thus approaches in South Korea, irrespective of the prevailing public sentiment that was increasingly becoming hostile to North Korea after years of unilateral efforts by South Korea while North Korea remained glued with the 1972 position that served its purpose.

While China and Russia issued a joint statement yesterday calling for restraint from all stakeholders, its duplicity was clear from the fact that while asking North Korea to stop its nuclear and missile programme, it also asked the US and South Korea to stop their military drills in the region, an annual feature for many years, instead of taking a tough approach on North Korea’s increasingly aggressive posturing. That the joint statement also called the US to remove its ballistic missile defence system THAAD from the Korean peninsula also reaffirms the vested Chinese designs here. China terms THAAD deployment in its backyard a security threat and breach of its sovereignty.

The US, which performed a joint military drill with South Korea in response to the North Korean missile launch, confirmed that it was indeed an ICBM and according to independent experts, it was surprisingly successful. According to the claims made by North Korea, the missile reached to an altitude of over 2800 Kms and met all targets of the launch event. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un taunted that the successful ICBM launch was a gift to America on its Independence Day. Experts say that the altitude touched by the nuclear capable North Korean ICBM makes for a range of over 8000 Kms and therefore the missile can effectively reach to many parts of the American mainland.



North Korea has declared to mount war scale efforts to punish former South Korean president Park Geun-hye for hatching a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un, the North Korean supreme leader.

According to the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), North Korea has declared that “at home and abroad that it will impose death penalty on traitor Park Geun Hye and ex-Director of the puppet Intelligence Service Ri Pyong Ho and their groups, criminals of hideous state-sponsored terrorism who hatched and pressed for the heinous plot to hurt the supreme leadership of the DPRK.”

The KCNA release cited by KCNA Watch, which claims to be a ‘user-friendly interface for viewing NK media’ writes that all these men can never make any appeal against the sentence given to them and they will meet “miserable dog’s death any time, at any place and by whatever methods from this moment.”

North Korea has also asked South Korea to handover Park, Ri Pyong Ho and others citing international convention though the country itself is subject to numerous global sanctions for violating international conventions, crushing human rights and pursuing nuclear weapons.

Park Geun-hye was fired from the presidency in March after the country’s supreme court upheld her December 2016 impeachment and is currently in jail undergoing trial for leaking state secrets, abusing state power and various other corruption allegations including bribery.

The joint statement released by various North Korean ministries has called the plot hideous state-sponsored terrorism and has warned that “North Korea will impose summary punishment without advance notice on those who organized, took part in or pursued the plot, under wartime law.”

According to the release, the South Korean intelligence, in collusion with the CIA, sent a group in North Korea to eliminate Kim Jong-un using bio-chemical weapons or disguising it as car or train accident and the whole plot was pushed forward by Park Geun-hye but the plot failed after the group was detected and was ultimately scrapped with Park’s impeachment.

North Korea had levelled similar allegations against South Korea and the US even the last month and the release ends with the routine North Korean line that it will inflict an apocalypse sort of punitive measure against its enemies, “should the U.S. and the south Korean authorities defy this warning and challenge our resolute measure, they will be made to pay a dear price in an irresistible physical way.”



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These headlines once again confirm the ferocity of ‘the baby-face, tenderly chubby, Dennis Rodman loving ‘hermit’, who also orders entire families to be killed, entire communities to be starved to death.’

These headlines from the global news outfits once again reaffirm steely might of Kim Jong-un, the young though oversized ruler of the ‘hermit kingdom’, North Korea.

Kim Jong-Un tells the world he is still there, and in style.

For past few months, in fact for more than a year, Kim had remained subdued – out of public’s eyes – but he was consolidating his position. Those North Korea watchers know it. After all, a visionary like Kim Jong-Un, though plump sized, covers even the finer details of his empire’s various symbolisms. In this case, probably, he was trying to live the ‘hermetic’ spirit of his ‘hermit kingdom’.

In his carefree ways, he was not bothered at all, in fact, he basked in the glory of the global media burning its midnight oil over analytic reports on his ‘disappearance’ from public life. There were reports on a possible coup, reports on his sister taking over, reports on Kim being dragged down by some serious health problem, reports of powerful North Korean generals successfully hatching a plot against him.

Loads were written on each of them – thousands of words literally flew – from one part of the world to the other – and Kim enjoyed each of them – with his ‘maintained’ silence. After all, his ‘professional’ mind believes that any publicity is worth ‘going for’ – no matter what it takes.

And what could be better than this that the global media powerhouses, which are seen as the gold standard for any communication material, day in and day out discuss him – for any reason – even after his ‘mysterious’ public disappearance for some days.

We may call it propaganda but Kim Jong-Un (and even his predecessors, the two other ‘Kims’ of the Kim nation) has a well-oiled communication system.

South Korea is a regular element in its routine packages. And whenever Kim feels to go global, like he did during the ‘Sony Hack’ saga or when he decided to execute his uncle Jang Song Thaek by machine gun firing squad after his ‘wisdom’ told him that his uncle was in fact a ‘despicable human scum, worse than a dog’.

Or like this renewed nuclear threat!

This is one of the ‘tried and tested’ North Korean publicity (one is free to read it as propaganda) tool to pull global attention and the Third Kim is getting mastery over it – incident after incident we have seen so.

So, even if the world had intelligence input for two years that North Korea was restarting its Yongbyon nuclear facility, when Kim finally said so, and openly, it made for global headlines. Obviously, he doesn’t speak his mind directly. There is a well laid and expansive system for it – the Korean Central News Agency. And Kim has followed his predecessors in ensuring that the ‘mighty provocative line of words’ is followed without fail – even if it means firing KCNA staff and anchors by missile death squads to discipline them.

The latest round, as well, goes to the ‘shrewd ways’ of Kim Jong-Un. Since this ‘artfully packed message’ came out, North Korea, Kim Jong-Un and North Korea’s nuclear capability are all around in news analyses and reports.

And what validates it is a response by North Korea’s arch-enemy, the United States of America. Kim had again made Barack Obama’s America to react to North Korean ‘designs’ in less than a year.

After all, running an empire is not an easy task, especially when it is by a single family that is there for 70 years. And the Third Kim is efficiently taking that ‘legacy’ forward, in style – though, the world may debate its ‘substance’.

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