Indian politicians, superhuman they are, elite and super-elite, a privileged class beyond reach of the commoners, a class in its own that has grown parasitic on us, the commoners.

They exploit the impulsive sentiments of the masses to keep superiority of their class intact by selectively recruiting what the masses should be given and where they should be dealt with empty rhetoric and false promises.

Indian politicians, superhuman they are, they have started acting as if they are born to rule us. They believe and act they are greater humans than us, the superhumans, and must act to ensure that their supremacy continues.

We always see, witness and become subjects of their superhumanness.

Superhumans they are, having no concern for the emotive responses that we, the commoners, feel for and occasionally express because they feel the commoners (or say the sub-humans for them) deserved to be treated like that.

Superhumans they are, as they believe these commoners do not have a sustainable memory and they forget their humiliations easily because they do not have any dignity.

And this feeling, emboldened with our indifference to the humiliation being meted out to us, gives our superhuman politicians a free hand to exploit us at the expense of ‘us’ only.

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Before venturing further about superhumanness of Indian politicians in the aftermath of the Uttarakhand disaster, the Indians need to deliberate on the most burning question of the day – is Rahul Gandhi a common citizen?

Because, if, he is a common citizen, he cannot be a politician!

Indian politicians today are a privileged class much above any other social stratification while the common citizens are like those killed and stranded in different areas of Uttarakhand after the disastrous cloudburst and rains of June 16. They do not come on any priority list until they directly affect the political fortunes of the politicians.

And there is no such sorry sounding description for Rahul Gandhi. He doesn’t follow rule. He makes rules.

In fact, politicians like him prioritize about lives of over a billion of this country, much in the same way as Rahul decided to visit the state when the home minister of the country had already asked the Uttarakhand government not to allow any VVIP visit.

Rahul Gandhi cannot be a common citizen. The tag ‘common’ is obnoxious for politicians and certainly a pariah for someone like Rahul Gandhi who inhabits the top of the political elites in the country where the central-most qualification to inherit a country, even if the country is the largest democracy in the world, is to have the lineage of a powerful political family.

Nepotism, dynasty politics and family preferences are universally seen as detrimental to a progressive democracy and yet they have become the basic tenets for political elites of this ‘democratic’ country.

Common citizens cannot subvert the universally acceptable values. If they do so, they are made to face the consequences.

The universally acceptable rules of a civilized society are for the commoners like following the law, waiting in queues, writing countless papers to get educated, toiling hard to earn a livelihood and retire when it is the time, and that too, is the state-defined, a state that is run by politicians like Rahul Gandhi.

The political elite of this country certainly don’t fit in this description. They feel they are above it.

How can they, then, be the common citizens of this country? So, how can Rahul Gandhi be a common citizen?

So, a Rahul Gandhi, who is being presented as the common citizen of India, is certainly an ironical point of debate in a country where politicians are perceived as a class beyond the rule of law.

Also, talking of the rule of law, ‘this common citizen’ Rahul (pity Congress spokespersons like Renuka Chowdhury and Digvijay Singh) decided on his sortie in the flood-ravaged state violating the order of the home minister of the country issued to ensure smooth relief and rescue operations as the VVIP visits were hampering the progress.

How can a home minister’s order contain a ‘common citizen Rahul Gandhi’?

Rahul Gandhi is not a common citizen like us. It is self explanatory!

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