The Holocaust is the biggest example of our recent times that shows how history is manipulated.

The world, more or less, is in agreement that the Holocaust was one of the most horrific genocides of humankind and ran though an unparalleled regime of brutality in our modern times which killed millions of humans.

They were simply wiped out from the face of the earth – as they should have never existed.

The world believes in this Holocaust and observes remembrances to revisit the horror, so as to remain on the path of sanity.

Yes, on the path of sanity – but for them only who want to remain humans. It is good for our habitat that majority of us are ‘humans’ in that sense.

But not all of us are.

Naturally, they are from the insane breed that has reddened the earth in every generation.

And has derived its sanctity by manipulating history – in order to get that high pedestal in society first – that would enable them to perpetrate terror in the garb of legitimacy and would further push them to rewrite history – as Adolf Hitler did – as his sycophants did – and as Benito Mussolini did.

We all know that a wide cross-section of Germany was complicit in Hitler’s crimes against humanity. They all benefitted from bodies and ashes of Jews and others who their mad warlords didn’t like. But when it came to trials and punishment, almost of them were let off – in order to begin the process of reconstruction. To a lesser extent, but the same was the case with Mussolini’s Italy.

True, prosecuting hundreds of thousands of Germans would be unwieldy (and time and resource consuming) for a geopolitics that was interested in slicing and dicing the world that would give us the Cold War and geopolitical camps in the future. A war gives winners and losers and winners can rewrite everything as they wish.

Those Germans (or Italians) who were let-off, yes many of them had a conscience crisis for what they had done, but many of them still justified or tried to justify their stand, going as far as to deny the whole Holocaust history as mere propaganda of winners, as some Nazis then and neo-Nazis now, among them have been doing.

Holocaust deniers have had a consistent presence for decades and their propaganda has been there all along, and they have significant number of takers, especially in non-Christian societies, or in the generation that doesn’t care to read history.

As Hitler had got the upper hand in Germany, exploiting the humiliation that Germany faced at hands of the winners of the First World War, manipulating history and records, any autocratic power would do, if it gets the throne. Yes, that is the first thing power gets autocrats to do – they scramble to capitalize on their efforts to rewrite history that they had been trying for years – in order to further legitimize their stay and further consolidate their grip on power.

Nazis, Fascists, neo-Nazis, Neo-Fascists and all other like them have revered the likes of Hitler and Mussolini and they would do all to install them on the highest pedestal of societies when they get a chance to do so. History tells us so.



My reflections on life – in quotes


“History becomes the most lethal weapon..

..of mass manipulation and mindset control..

..when history-makers come to dominate history-writers.”

History Is The Most Lethal Weapon copy


©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


History is the most lethal weapon of mindset control when history-makers come to dominate history-writers; when research, that is always political in nature, is skewed to the designs of the times and the people and ideas controlling those times; when research becomes totally purposive to the outcome, by its presence or absence.

History can make North Koreans believe that the world was created by Kim Il-Sung, the 1st ‘Kim’ of the ‘Kim Nation’ who ruled it for 44 years, from 1948 to 1954. The ‘Eternal President of North Korea’ started using ‘Great Leader/Supreme Leader’ for himself right in 1949.

The North Korean history extracts tailored response from people controlled by the ‘hermit’ menagerie that the 2nd ‘Kim’, Kim Jong-il, who worked tirelessly to build personality cult of his father under his efficient tutelage, controlled weathers. Probably, this love for history-making pushed the ‘dear leader’ to bring the ‘enduring’ famine of 90s to the ‘people’ of country that made some 3-4 million of them ‘history’.

Let’s see what the North Korean history-makers cook about the 3rd ‘Kim’, Kim Jong-un!

History can make him the ‘Kim’ who defeated America and unified Korea, eliminating/mass assassinating the South Korean leadership, the extensions of the godly powers of 1st Kim’s creation-of-the-world and 2nd Kim’s control-and-manipulation-of-weathers, without venturing out of Ryongsong Residence, even once.

After all, it is entrenched in the North Korean psyche that South Korean President Park Chung-hee was assassinated by North Korea, when, in reality, he was killed by his own security chief who claimed ‘democracy in South Korea was his motive’, and that North Korean missiles reach and carry the job of destruction/Supreme Leader’s wrath on the American mainland where citizens live in poverty and face chronic unemployment.

See it to believe it -google for many of North Korea’s propaganda videos and images, though there are some ‘researchers’ who deny that the North Korean personality cult goes to this extent – to present the ‘supreme leaders’ as having godly powers – but the images out of North Korea – leaked or officially released – tell us otherwise.

The embalmed and preserved bodies of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-il in Kumsusan, the palace of sun, the grand mausoleum, the most sacred santum, communicate directly to Ryongyang Residence, to show the light, to guide Kim-3, the 3rd Supreme Leader/Great Leader.

And such effects of history-making are universal in nature and can be applied to any country, any civilization, including the world’s largest democracy. All it needs are the patrons to discover and promote the talent and purpose of master manipulators, the history-makers!!

Kim Collage-Time,BBC,ITV, WikipediaImages courtesy: Time, BBC, Wikipedia, ITV

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/