A day brings reflections
Feelings create emotions

Days meet the months
Months try the seasons

Time moves to get its wear
On what life tells of a year

Day after day, bit by bit
One more year is knit

When the day recollects
Experiences and their texts

With memories in motion
Reflecting on my passion

On a day to look back
Calling the journeyed track

Revisiting what events pack
With my thoughtful knack

On the living on this way
In rendezvous with this day

The day brings back stories
Stories than extend the series

That began with the first cry
Building on life for my sky

The day brings reflections
With tales of my seasons

Born on a day, in my age
It’s time again for my ways

Born on this day, in my sway
Life reminisces the year today

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


The day is broken,
Unspoken, out of the blue,
And is still crashing on deep,
And it is numb,
Indifferent to the cries..

The day is broken,
Freezing the thoughts,
Pushing them to no return,
And hit by its vertigo,
Has grown dumb to every call..

The day is broken,
Its every bit betraying,
The selfishness rips apart,
To a humiliating despair,
As if it has no tomorrow..

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