Well, where did Ganga Aarti begin?

Now, it can be a no brainer question if seen in isolation. Ganga, the lifeline of Indian civilization and its spiritual and social heritage, is said to be sent to earth ages ago by Lord Shiva to save the humanity from the imminent annihilation.

It’s mythological. It’s spiritual. It’s religious. Its faith, pure faith, believing in the story! God is nothing but faith.

Anyway, the context here is different. Ganga is being worshipped in India since her descent to earth.

So, asking, where did Ganga Aarti begin is a no brainer.

But, when it is asked in context of the elaborate ritual that is performed every evening around 6:45 PM on some Varanasi ghats including the Dashashwamedh Ghat and the Assi Ghat, the question gets is validity instantly.

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