In a palatial mansion, well fortified, with guards and otherwise, there is a wall, unplastered, of single row of bricks, looking ugly and totally out of place, like a blot on a serene landscape, like a patch on an Armani suit, waiting to be razed down.

On the inside of the wall, the villain, clad in a horse-riding sort of outfit, is vigorously trying to rape a woman. The woman is crying for help, in the mansion, guarded by a number of goondas in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Tension is building. Anger is simmering. When it reaches to the helping ears, away somewhere, riding on the waves of telepathy, it starts boiling. And the helping ears rush to help.

A big bang!! A loud noise is splashed across.

And the ugly, out of place bare bricks wall is suddenly down, receiving it’s freedom, away from this palatial mansion that is phony by the standards of the existence of the wall.

Now, the helping ears are in, right on the job, righteously and earnestly, riding on the waves of emotionally charged energy.

An elephant in teens is in on rampage in the mansion, beating and throwing the goondas here and there, chasing the ‘aspiring rapist’ owner of the mansion.

He is the saviour and he is here now. The tension is reaching its crescendo. Chairs are clutched more tightly and eyes are fixated more emotively.

Though the goons are giving him a tough fight, he is outmatching them, making whirlwind rounds of the hall of the mansion, it’s rooms, even running up the stairs.

As the good Vs evil fight progresses, more and more goondas are biting dust.

Now, the boiling point of anger is right here.

And the intensity of it has sent the goondas packing, broken and aching. Desperate and running, the ‘aspiring-rapist’ reaches to his gun somehow and is now taking aim.

There is pin drop silence in the ambience. The watchers have left grazing midway.

But..but, while taking aim, the daddy goonda, the ‘aspiring-rapist’ had not seen the elephant in teens reaching right on his neck, charging towards him bringing down the pillars of the mansion in the hall, already uprooted by the sheer force of the teen elephant’s anger and waiting to be pushed only to clear the way.

The saviour is upon him now, ready to snatch the gun. And lo n behold! The gun is snatched and thrown away by the saviour. The next moment, the daddy goonda is within full grip of our teen hero. In a stylishly choreographed move, he tosses the villain up and away.

Bang again! A glass wall is smashed down and the daddy goonda is on the floor of the next hall of the palatial mansion.

Now bruised and devoid of his supporting brigade, fear of life takes over him. He sees his death in the ferocious eyes of the saviour. He makes a speedy drift to run away, to find a way out, and there he goes, saving his life from the ongoing wrath of the saviour.

The atmosphere is emotionally supercharged now.

Finding the ground cleared, now the saviour, the elephant in teens, looks back for the lady and here she is, safe and unharmed.

It releases the tension of the grazers and they are back munching while watching the emotional reunion of the caller and the called.

Tears are in their natural free flow mode. Many of the viewers in the theatre are clapping, with tearful eyes. Some of them have left even their seats in the excitement of the emotionally supercharged ambience.

The chatter, relieved and excited at the same time, is praising the saviour for his heroism and its timeliness while graduating to the next scene.

The Classic Indian Masala Cinema
Jai Ho Jai Ho

— thoughts, forced to go expressive, while watching a random movie scene —

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


The soil smelled like the freshness of home after a long visit 
A soul was immersed in the aroma of the liveliness emanating 
The richness of black coffee in fusion with the thickness of a book 
The evening was as innocent as the whispers of the morning dew 
Taking back to the chapter that was read and reread every day
Thoughts were musical again, rhymed with the words turned over 
That veranda had returned as my arcade to look through the rain
To read the joy of the evening rain, with some coffee and my book

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Please Don’t Send Me Candy Crush Saga Invitation.. 🙂

After failed first effort, Candies have revolted again.

They have opened front against Candy crushers and there are several prime targets this time including Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO (Facebook has the largest community with some 50-60 odd millions mercenaries incessantly perpetrating all sorts of crimes against the Candies every month) and King, who developed the Candy Crush Saga, a war-theatre disguised in a game where Candies are subjected to all sorts of hardships, only in order to exploit, to crush them and squeeze out their juices to keep the lubrication wet.

Learning from the past, for expert consultation, the Candy Seniors have hired Mr. Willy Wonka and Mr. Charlie Bucket this time to mobilize the support from other stakeholders, the Genuine Candy lovers and the victims of Candy crushers, on Facebook, on Apple, who feel victimized with onslaught of invitations to be part of the killing machinery.

For Candy Seniors, with millions of Candies being crushed day after day, the crisis has reached to the catastrophic levels.

Earlier, Candies had ignored the suggestion of taking expert help. So, even if there was a real need to inform the likes of Mr. Willy Wonka of the sitation, nothing much moved then, the last year. They had not assessed the grounds then and took on the mercenaries on their own but their inexperience led to a humiliating end to their first attempt at open revolt.

But, now as Mr. Willy Wonka has agreed and increasing number of Candy lovers and even the normal, neutral people are blocking the invitations sent by the Candy crushers, it is expected to be different this time, looking for the revival in fortunes like it happened in Charlie Bucket’s life.

It is to be especially mentioned here that exploitation of Candies began immediately after they were manipulated to populate Candy Crush Saga in 2012.

Please Don’t Send Me Candy Crush Saga Invitation.. 🙂 

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Tempting than mystery

Puzzling like love

Silky and Salty

Thrusting and drifting

Inviting like the Sun

Confusing like the Moon

That’s the brief history of Life..



©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/