Shovels, spades 3-feet a day digging, 8-hours a day, 5 weeks of excavation – it begins.

And it begins in style in a nation boasting and planning space missions to Moon and Mars.

All eyes and ears are going to be glued to the communication channels to get into the skin of the live coverage – in real time as it happens – floating in the viscosity of real, unreal and surreal stories that it has been generating since the seer had his dream of the 1000 tonnes of buried gold, since he spoke to a dead king of the 18th Century who buried the treasure, the stories that are going to multiply only in the coming days.

5 weeks – 35 days – enough of time to ramp-up the channels, to lubricate the wired flow, through the machinery that never looks to exhaust its appetite for such ‘spectacles’.

Peepli Live, the generic phrase to describe the media frenzy and the subsequent public attention (or the public attention, so the subsequent media frenzy) that entered the lexicon with the 2010 movie, a satire on polity, media and society, on making ‘big’ out of ‘nothing’, thus setting the agenda, is apt to describe what is happening in Daundia Khera, a village in the Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh.

And ironically, the Daundia Khera frenzy is not the first one. There have been plenty of such ‘Peepli Live’ moments. Only the phrase is of recent origin.

In the movie, a small town journalist of a small vernacular newspaper overhears two brothers discussing the possibility of the younger brother committing suicide in order to claim compensation of Rs. 1 Lakh from the government to repay the debt on the family. On the lookout for story, the journo prints the story in the newspaper in affirmative that the younger brother has decided to commit suicide though the plot, as it develops, shows us he never agrees to the idea.

A senior reporter of a major news channel in a metro city comes across and picks up the story. It’s bizarre. It’s unusual. It’s politically sensitive as elections are around the corner. Tamasha of life – hullabaloo over death – it sends its magnetic appeal across.

Once it is on air, everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Every media house reaches to the village with minute-by-minute coverage. The melee creates a festivity sort of atmosphere. Food stalls, shops, transportations, to cater to the rural folks on the pilgrimage to the Peepli and the media and political folks trying to optimize their chances on the cash crop of viewer ratings and the caste-based political equations.

Their fodder being the death of a man who doesn’t want to die but is being pushed to die!

Let’s see how it unfolds in a real life Peepli Live, in Daundia Khera.

Already, the non-descript village has become a hot spot. It is said the Shiva Temple near which the excavation is to be done is attracting devotees and priests like it never had enjoyed. People are returning to the village to claim their stake of gold. Many descendents of the king who had buried the gold are voicing their claims from across the country.

People from the nearby areas are the regular visitors in increasing numbers to see the mammoth task in progress, a task that can solve the fiscal problem of the world’s fourth largest economy.

The scientific community of the Archaeological Survey of India and the Geological Survey of India is on the job following the leads from the dream(s) of the seer.

The political community from the government of India is on tenterhooks and is watching with keen interest to see if it can find the windfall to meet the financial chaos it has created before the next parliamentary polls.

And all this is rich fodder for the media and overall fraternity of the communication channels inhabiting the airwaves.

Let’s how the ‘Peepli Live’ of Daundia Khera unfolds!

Let’s see the Daundia Khera Live in motion now. It’s the time!

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Bizarre is on the war. So, it is different. The tradition of logic is trying a different, innovative approach.

Can we see it in the realm of the metaphysical or is it an experiment in the course of evolution of the ‘science of the supernatural’?

Anyway, Daundia Khera – a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district is its symbolism, or has been made its symbolism.

When the news broke, the process was set in motion. After all, it was going to be a big spectacle.

And within days, the stage was set for the Peepli Live to come in motion.

Those who have seen the movie Peepli Live are aware of what does it mean.

In this case, Daundia Khera is going to be Peepli reincarnated, or rather, is going to be made ‘Peepli reincarnated’.

And the precursor to set the events in motion is combo of a living and a dead.

While in Peepli, the participants were aggregates and segregates of moving, living entities, each one of them.

So, in that sense, the Daundia Khera Live is going to be one step ahead, more evolved when the ball rolls finally, today, when the Archaeological Survey of India starts digging in the non-descript village (not anymore, pardon me!) to locate the 1000 tonnes of buried gold.

In Peepli, poor logic met with illogic and the story was made.

In Daundia Khera, logic is collaborating with faith, something that is beyond the realms of logic in the worldly sense, and therefore, there are viable chances that history will be made here.

A seer dreams of gold, a huge cache of it. It was also told that, he, in fact, was approached by the dead king of the 18th century of that area. The king informed him about the treasure.

The seer, in turn, informed the government of India, knowing the ill-fiscal health of the country. He, in part, was also, worried by the government’s efforts to ‘usurp’ gold from the ‘rich’ temples of the country, an ‘expressed’ possibility to contain the crisis of falling Rupee.

The government got easily convinced, and now the ‘scientifically’ trained teams of the Archaeological Survey of India and the Geological Survey of India are ready for the big task ahead, fully prepared.

Daundia Khera is already hot, but is going to be the biggest talking point soon, with the media, the polity, the governance and the whole nation jumping on the bandwagon.

Like it has been happening, as we have seen, in many ‘Peepli Lives’!

Who cares if India, the world’s fourth largest economy, is still having the largest share of the hungry of the world – one-fourth of them, according to the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2013?

Who cares if India, the world’s largest democracy, tops the countries with higher proportion of people living in modern-day slavery conditions (trafficking, child labour, forced marriage, debt and so on) – half of them, according to the Global Slavery Index 2013.

‘Peepli Lives’ to Daundia Khera Live!

Method in madness! Madness in method!

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/