Creation of Telangana, ill conceived and ill-timed, is purely a political decision by a beleaguered Congress party that is looking at an absolute doom in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Everyone has written the Congress party off and it is unlike the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) days of 2004. There are solid reasons, multiple of them. Scores have been written and are being written on the grand failure of the Manmohan Singh’s government in its second term.

The only glint of hope is left with some die-hard supporters of the first political family of India (the Nehru-Gandhi family) and they are using it to improve their loyalty points in case the Congress party comes back to power in future by advising such silly steps to score political mileage.

Yes, these are silly steps that are not going to help Congress but have certainly thrown life out of gear in a large state of India. We can only hope that the dust will finally settle now with the Rajya Sabha passing the Bill today to create Telangana.

Yes, but it is not going to help the grand old party of India, the Congress party, the main party of the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) in any way.

These are bleeding days for Congress.

Going by the political equations on the ground and the projections of almost every pre-poll survey, Congress is going to have a historically low Lok Sabha tally this time. And this is going to happen in Telangana and Seemandhra, too.

After creating Telangana, Congress has lost its script totally in Seemandhra. It is not going to win even a single seat. Kiran Kumar Reddy has resigned and is going to float a new party but YS Jaganmohan Reddy is expected to lead the anti-Congress and anti-Telangana sentiments to drive home a sound poll victory.

Okay, there would have been this thought to handle the anti-incumbency in the united Andhra Pradesh by creating and thus cornering the seats of Telangana.

Congress would have thought of cornering all the 17 seats of Telangana by taking the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) in its fold that could have been a big reprieve in a nationally dismal projection.

But even that is not going to happen. Projections say TRS is going to win almost 90% of the seats and in that case it would not go with Congress. Why would it merge with Congress then when it is going to be the big daddy in Telangana.

And that is written.

So, who advised Congress to go this way?

The haste only affirms the low morale and lack of sensibility in the thinking core of the party. Otherwise, it was certainly not the time for the country to have a new state.

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So, Telangana is finally in. Hopefully, the process to carve it out on the ground will not be shameful as its legislative part has been. Democracy was subverted, both in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha while presenting, discussing and passing the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill.

The ruckus in the Lok Sabha followed its course in the Rajya Sabha. The live broadcast of the Lok Sabha was blacked out when it came to passing the Bill but the whole nation saw what happened in Rajya Sabha. The soul of democracy was killed once again in the Lok Sabha. Its identity was once again humiliated in the Rajya Sabha.

How can these elected members representing the top-most legislative body of the country behave so irresponsibly and insensibly while passing a bill that will affect lives of millions of people spread across a large geographical area?

But then, our politicians have been like this, more so in the recent history.

Anyway, India’s 29th state is finally created. On paper, it was accomplished today.

People of Seemandhra should understand that it is irreversible now. In fact, it has been like this since 2011. Yet a whole region was thrown into chaos by a political leadership that had earlier given its assent for a separate Telangana. Those protesting today, they all had supported it in the past. And they are trying all to keep the fire burning, to exploit the every possible chance to earn the electoral mileage in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

And all at the cost of common man, his life, his routine to survive the every passing day!

People of Seemandhra should understand the intent of their politicians and start looking at a life with a friendly neighbourhood state in Telangana on their side that is going to share the state capital Hyderabad with Seemandhra for 10 years.

There is absolutely no merit in disrupting the flow of life by organizing bandhs and protests in the Seemnadhra districts. Whom will it affect? The Seemandhra people only.

Obviously, going by the populist sentiment of the masses over the issue, there would be anti-Telangana feelings but it is not going to be beyond personal opinionating after a point of time. Yes, politicians can instigate the mob-sentiment over it and that is what they are trying to do.

If there has to be some grudge, it has to be against the politicians of the united Andhra Pradesh and the Union Government. Telangana had to come, but the process and timing has been decisively ill-thought.

Can vandalism in Seemandhra address the creation of Telangana now? Never. It will affect the Seemandhra people only, putting their lives in unnecessary peril.

Now that Telangana is in, taking it constructively should be the way forward with a hope that the process will be free of the shameless bravado of the Indian Parliament in passing the Telangana Bill.

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The Indian Parliament is the new gold standard in the display of ruckus by the elected peoples’ representatives in the legislative bodies.

The Indian Parliament and the legislative assemblies of the different Indian states have had a proud history of dissent expressed in ways like throwing chairs, tearing papers, grabbing collars, breaking or grabbing microphones, putting bangles on desks, banging on the desks, storming the well of the House, waving bundles of currency notes and so on.

But what happened on February 13, 2014 in the Indian Parliament surpassed all. It was a unique day due to the unique events that took place in the House.

In addition to the routine tools of ruckus, innovative tools like pepper spray and knife (or a broken microphone, as being contested) were used. (To make the efforts more comprehensive, a computer screen, too, was smashed.)

There are no more points of doubt on the worthiness of pepper spray for its use as the ultimate handy tool of defense in case of facing stalkers and goons that we can come across anywhere and everywhere in this country, even in its Parliament, that forces the parliamentarians to carry tools like pepper sprays (and knives, as being reported and contested).

The use of pepper spray by the Congress MP Lagadapati Rajagopal, while opposing the Telangana Bill’s tabling in the House, has been established beyond doubt. It was there for everyone to see, inside the Parliament and across the nation on the TV sets, with many parliamentarians rushing out of the House to save them from the aftermath of the pepper spray use.

There is an ongoing debate on the use of knife. Media reports said a ‘lawmaker’ from Andhra Pradesh, while opposing the Telangana Bill, brandished knife in the House. The ‘lawmaker’, Mr. Venugopal Reddy (Telugu Desam Party) denied he was a lawbreaker and said what he brandished was Speaker’s microphone and not knife.

Pepper spray can be the next gold standard in saving life as it saved the life of a parliamentarian and could successfully threaten others in the Parliament today.

In fact, pepper spray can be used as the gold standard for the internal security blanket of the Indian Parliament that costs a huge sum to the public exchequer, thus helping the nation in balancing the fiscal deficit.

The easily available pepper sprays can be modified to be introduced professionally in the Parliament. And even the modified versions would be a pleasure for the account books when seen on a comparative cost-scale with the automatic ammunition being used.

After today’s episode, the Indian Parliaments has decided to study the prospect in detail and has formed a high-powered committee to come with its recommendations soon.

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Pepper spray, being recommended to women as their useful handy security tool in case of stalkers and other goons after the recent surge in the incidents of crime against women, now gets its endorsement by the Indian Parliament.

A parliamentarian, an MP of the Congress party, proudly used a pepper spray today in the parliament to protect his life as he later claimed that he was acting in self-defense. Another parliamentarian, a senior member of the ruling alliance, claimed that it could have taken lives (saying – ‘strict action should be taken against MPs who had tried to “kill” other lawmakers’).

Now, like any good initiative in India and anywhere in the ‘civilized society’, the field is open to debate. But one thing is sure that after this endorsement of pepper spray at a hallowed platform like of the Indian Parliament, the product is going to get much wider acceptance. It is expected that now even the men will start using pepper sprays for their safety. As a natural corollary, the demand is expected to increase manifold.

As a possible consequence, after this episode, the pepper spray industry is expected to get recognized and organized and, therefore, should get the legal framework to regulate the pepper spray production and sale.

But that should be irrespective of the debate if pepper spray could be life threatening as Mr. Rajeev Shukla said. Mr. L Rajagopal’s claim of pepper spray use to save his life during the Parliament ruckus on the Telangana Bill should be given more credence here as it fits in the trend of the long but harmless use of pepper sprays. A positive development should be supported with positive afterthoughts.

What is noteworthy here is the unrealized potential of the might of pepper sprays. India has seen jump in rape cases and other crimes against women and apart from other precautions, pepper sprays, too, have been recommended as the primary tool to thwart the advances of the molesters and the claws of the rapists. But we had not any credible precedent of it. We were yet to have a ‘follow-worthy’ endorsement for pepper spray highlighting its usefulness in the ‘life-threatening situations’.

Now, that it has come directly from the Parliament and that too with the claims of a parliamentarian that the pepper spray saved his life, we all (not only women, but the men, too) should have no second thoughts about it.

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