Developments making you feel low are part of your existence. They invariably come to you – and sometimes come to haunt you.

Try hard but you are bound to feel so – its frequency depends on how you tackle it – and the first step (or the first offensive) that you need to take on this path – is – don’t let the development make you feel that it is some type of curse. Doing so is half the battle won.

You feel letdown by various reasons. But the share that causes maximum mental unease and stress is external – driven by and given by others – and you need to keep yourself away from the crowd in such circumstances.

One needs to learn and nurture the practice of winning over the tide – gradually and effectively.

You must keep in mind that you should not totally disregard something or some development that drags you down sending your soul in a nowhere zone because it has important elements to learn from.

You miss an important opportunity to learn life defining lessons when you dismiss any negative development in your life without giving it some time to ponder over.

You did no wrong or you were caught on the wrong side should only prevail after you have given the development enough time. After thinking it over, you may come to the conclusion that you did no wrong and there is nothing to feel gloomy about.

Alternatively, especially when the development involves a social setup with multiple people in fray, you may still feel low in spite of the fact that you came to find that you were not wrong. It happens because you start thinking about what ‘more others’ would think.

Try not to think that – or try to overcome that – for – if you were not wrong for what you had been targeted – your mental composure, if sustained, will make you the winner in the long run.

When you assess and come to the act of brashly disregarding the negative happening even if you know you were wrong, you move one step ahead in the quagmire that may derail your life one day. You have to very careful about that precipitation.

Any negative development in your life should have this sole purpose – that what you could learn from it – that how it can better your thoughts. Yes, it’s painful. Yes, preaching is always easy. But friends, your experiences also tell so.

Think it like this – and it will further help – that one has no option in life but to fight back – that no one helps beyond few words of sympathy – that beyond a point, your sad state of mind is seen as your weakness and people start keeping their distances.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


When life takes a turn, you can take the leap of your life.

And life does take turns regularly.

Like the moves of a cheating partner, commitment phobic and misleading, exploiting and excruciating.

Like the moods of a caring family member, always by your side, come what may, healing and reviving.

And you do have opportunities to leap ahead, in gloom, or when you bloom.

Positives add but don’t let the negatives drag you down.

Life can betray you, by subjecting you to its excesses.

But you need to remain honest to YOU.

Life is a long term game. Its turns are points of introspection to retrospect.

Make life’s betrayals your motivation and play it cool, with the detached objectivity of an insider.

Don’t be judgemental and revengeful but don’t forget it either.

Don’t fall to the trap of the induced hatred that these turns may throw but don’t miss the motivation it can induce either.

Walk with your thoughts, be in discourse with your soul, let it brew with time, and take a decision to hit back, to slam it hard.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Thoughts, sometimes, they strike as the lightning waves, giving you the possibility of multiple dimensions, possibilities, that, sometimes, play on their own, and at times, give you the space to be played up the way you see them bordering on your emotions, allowing you to let the thoughts in or let them be at the bay of a juncture the inevitability of which in your life is not yet decided.

Thoughts, that come to us, in impulsive moments, when you are forced to act reflexively to get into the groove of a situation you don’t expect and feel flabbergasted by the vulnerability of the zing to channelize the relative presence of impulses and the relative absence of the succor to read the impulses to get them on your side into a conduit that can have motives and missives to flow the either way, to get into you or to take you into their fold.

Thoughts that look like on an onslaught to maul you even more, after an event of betrayal by the events of life carry a message that you need to read carefully before reacting on or assimilating the intent of the message that you read in the impulse of the moment when you were taken aback by the whims of life, the quirkiness of which can easily inundate you rendering you into a heap unrecognizable.

Thoughts come to you irrespective of content and quantum of the games you and life play with each other. It is a continuum that you need to persevere to learn and there is no escape from the harsh realities of the moments and the intents in such moments that come in-built. It only leaves you more vulnerable to be attacked more, to be compromised more and to be exploited further.

Take on the thoughts in such impulsive moments to get your pulse beat right on course to a healthy recovery. Face such thoughts with the composure of the person you are. Life will do all to negate that person in you in such impulsive moments to make you think and react impulsively. Don’t fall in the trap. Yes, it is difficult, but making and living an IDENTITY has never been a child’s play. Isn’t it?

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The wind gushes
Passes by me,
Touching my senses
As I begin,
A new journey
On yet another,
New Day,
A renewed vigour
And with,
A refreshing rigour
The breeze of Yesterday
Staying back
As my beloved
Caressing me
For an enlivened Today

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


“For I feel for I happened to be someone”
“For I felt I was not that one”
“For I felt I was not who I was”
“For I feel I am who I am”
“For I felt I needed to be someone”
“For I feel I will be someone”

“For I feel I have denied the moments their right to play with me”
“For I feel they still feel they can play with me but..”
“For I feel I feel their despair to loose the winning vein”

“For I feel for the rustles in the layers”
“For I feel for the layers to be living vague identities”
“For I feel for identities that struggle”
“For I feel for struggles more numerous than others..”
“For I feel for that anxious urge of identities to come alone, to go along”
“For I feel for this stasis and resurrection of layers to bind their identities”
“For I feel for this urge of layers to be one in harmony with all the parallelism”

“For I feel for what I felt for who I was,
“For I feel for that co-existence with that subtle parallelism”
“For I feel for that forgotten aspect added to my thoughts”
“For I feel for my Soul to be there for this”
“For I feel for my Soul to be with me”
“For I feel for the urge of rustling layers to be one with..
..to be one with the splutter of the raining beads of thoughts”
“For I feel for I need to feel what I felt”

July 23, 2009

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


The darkness,
Had a view
Strapped, unseen, ignored
Forbidden of its value
I had to see it,
I had to hold it
It could get too frenetic

You need to find you,
To meet you,
There would be
Reasons to rue
Think of,
What has been,
Your virtue
Believing again,
Has to be about you
Rewriting again,
What was always true

Yes, the darkness,
Had this message too
Hidden by the shadow,
That was untrue

I had to read it,
Again I had to foresee
Lest it was too late,
To hold it within me

I needed to reclaim me,
The clutches of the dark
I needed,
To read life again
To deliver,
It on my benchmark
The measure,
Had to be just me

The darkness,
Has its honest alter-ego
The reclaimed ‘self’,
Sees the light grow

Think negative,
Only to think positive
Be practical,
But live your ideals
Love your ‘self’,
To love others

Life is because you are
Living has the elation
Only if,
You are its expression
Born on a day,
You are life’s celebration

I read the darkness again,
To rewrite it,
To go,
Beyond the forbidden
Life is about me,
Once again,
Remains unshaken

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Courage has been more than a word

It was the only help personified

When the darkness started taking over

It stayed as the only constant

When my Soul looked increasing distant

It has been there in moments of pain

When the spirit of living was the wane

It has been there in the moments of distress

When there were no more words to express

Courage has been more than a word

It has been the only call identified..

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Some of them have chosen to be there. Some of them were placed there. Some of them were forced to be there.

Some of them tried to go back to, but they were not allowed to.

One of them was this lady, of age of a grandmother, in her 70’s.

When one of the older grandmas asked her how she was doing, she said smiling: I am fine. Just have this blood pressure that is varying these days. And these silly joints need some pain-killers. And the legs and hands behave somewhat erratically now most of the time. Otherwise I am doing fine.

While saying this, the smile on her face was impeccable.

She spoke so easily as if it was her natural state of mind, reacting on difficulties of life in a way so as to find a way of living and that too, positively, even if surviving a basically frustrating atmosphere daily.

This old-age home is a paid facility for the senior citizens, who can pay, and has people from different walks of life.

Almost of them have sons and daughters but they are not staying with them. Reasons vary – some of the reasons we can perceive.

Some of them have children settled elsewhere and the parents found they were unable to migrate. Many of them have children settled elsewhere who decided to abandon their parents. Some of them have lost their children. Very few of them never had any child.

By feeling the atmosphere of this old-age home, though paid, it cannot said to be a conducing environment. The seniors living there are a scattered lot. Some socialize while others keep up to them. The old-age home, though charges them, fails to give them a decent daily-life.

Expecting the emotional support, something they need the most, is not to be expected.

They need emotional support with attachment and not the occasional connect with the outside world that comes in the form of public relations exercises of non-governmental organizations and socialites who scavenge for such events and visit places like this old-age home on days like the Independence Day or Diwali or any other festival to fulfill the need for their personal aggrandizement or for photo-op sessions.

And in this atmosphere, such a jovial and natural response to the life’s tougher moments was inspiring.

The smile that so beautifully reflected had the in-built answer on how to deal with the pain.

Take it head-on. Take it positively. Don’t run away from the pain. Try to live with it in order to win over it.

Running away only exacerbates the misery because you fail to see if there could be a possible way out.

A natural smile while in pain had this message for all of us, the smile of the grandma was telling me.

It was, yet again, reaffirming my faith in this lesson that I had learnt through my visits to such places.

Thanks Grandma.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/


Every coming days is an opportunity. You may feel it to be similar to what it was yesterday. It may follow the routine that you followed on the passing day. Alternatively, it may take a different approach from what happened yesterday. It may throw surprises that you thought were not going to happen to you.

Every coming day, your today, may bring thoughts and events on these lines but the fact remains there, to be seen, telling you clearly that it’s a new day with new possibilities that you need to realize. Every coming day gives you an empty space to fill it with your colours, an empty slate to write on it the elements of your own making.

Your today, the every coming day in your life, is a mix bag of possibilities existing along with the uncertainty of a tomorrow that is going to be your next today.

Travelling along day by day with this uncertainty of tomorrow, the only certain element that you have is you; your awareness of you; your companionship with you; and your confidence in you.

You have what it takes to make an uncertain tomorrow to a today of feasible possibilities.

Every coming day is an opportunity for you to revisit you to realize the never-ending and newer shades of life that we come across but don’t notice or fail to notice.

Every coming day, that is your today, is a testimony to how you look at life, whether you move ahead to build further on what you were working on yesterday; whether you begin something new, constructive; whether you decide to cut the restrictive line shorter to make it disappear finally by start drawing a new line longer and reflective of you; whether you realize that what you have is only the coming day, your today, that your yesterday is gone, that the tomorrow is not yet here.

Life gives us a chance every day, to strengthen us, to reinvent us, to know us more the every coming day.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Yet..why do we fail to appreciate it?

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey – https://santoshchaubey.wordpress.com/