Thoughts flow. They come. They go. They stay put.

Thoughts evolve. They accompany. They personify.

Thoughts ideate. Thoughts pursue. Thoughts create.

The idea of a thought. The idea behind a thought.

The idea shaping a thought. The Thoughts shaping an idea.

The idea of the thought that is shapeless – the thought that takes shape on the go —

The thought that evolves as the time moves – day after day – sometime, the day is counted – sometime, the days remain unaccounted for – along our lives, with our many lives – with tales of our personal lives, with tales on our social lives.

The thought that grows on social behaviour of who we are – on how socially customizable the human beings can become in a society.

In societies that have had long runs of many orthodox cultural ethos affecting almost every sphere of personal and public life – ideas come, thoughts follow – thoughts push for ideas – and words flow – in societies facing existence many layered societies within with rapid and unequally distributed changes.

And the individual should prevail – forced or self-driven, but that should be the desired outcome – something, that should be the most wished paradigm to follow.

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Thoughts, sometimes, they strike as the lightning waves, giving you the possibility of multiple dimensions, possibilities, that, sometimes, play on their own, and at times, give you the space to be played up the way you see them bordering on your emotions, allowing you to let the thoughts in or let them be at the bay of a juncture the inevitability of which in your life is not yet decided.

Thoughts, that come to us, in impulsive moments, when you are forced to act reflexively to get into the groove of a situation you don’t expect and feel flabbergasted by the vulnerability of the zing to channelize the relative presence of impulses and the relative absence of the succor to read the impulses to get them on your side into a conduit that can have motives and missives to flow the either way, to get into you or to take you into their fold.

Thoughts that look like on an onslaught to maul you even more, after an event of betrayal by the events of life carry a message that you need to read carefully before reacting on or assimilating the intent of the message that you read in the impulse of the moment when you were taken aback by the whims of life, the quirkiness of which can easily inundate you rendering you into a heap unrecognizable.

Thoughts come to you irrespective of content and quantum of the games you and life play with each other. It is a continuum that you need to persevere to learn and there is no escape from the harsh realities of the moments and the intents in such moments that come in-built. It only leaves you more vulnerable to be attacked more, to be compromised more and to be exploited further.

Take on the thoughts in such impulsive moments to get your pulse beat right on course to a healthy recovery. Face such thoughts with the composure of the person you are. Life will do all to negate that person in you in such impulsive moments to make you think and react impulsively. Don’t fall in the trap. Yes, it is difficult, but making and living an IDENTITY has never been a child’s play. Isn’t it?

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