Mouthful of tea by now cold,      
And sip of warm icecream,
Amid Diwali’s blinking lights..
Air today has joy of laziness..
Eyes are sleepy,
Yet, sleep sounds detached..
Mind thinks something,
Then takes a stroll,
With no direction,
With nothing to care for,
Comes back home,
And stretches out on me,
With every colour,
In freshness of every taste..
To be, or could not be,
Is no more a question..
Time has stayed put,
After a long time,
And my leisure is,
Quite engaged today..
Sipped tea today,
And had icecream as well,
And one more time is what,
My good sense demands..          




 ©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


Absolute thoughts of the grey in extreme wilds

Complete with exonerated guilts of nowhere

It was all so discrete and yet all so everyday

It happened to be one big anthem of nothingness

Shut up and closed down, pleading and waiting

Reading, taking notes of absence, writing nothing

The groovy slice and the curvaceous hollow

What that was there, what that wasn’t to be there

The theatre of the theatrics, beyond the insanity

In harmony with absurdity, romancing the ghetto

All said and done and yet all remained undone

The slight whisker and its magnanimous bartender

Rendered dates to the history, days remained empty

That strange love of the wilderness and its craziness

It was all so grey and extreme yet enticingly wilder

The absolute thoughts of the grey in the extreme wilds

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –


The state of thoughtlessness is sometimes the most thought-provoking state of mind when we, all of a sudden, come across to the keys to the answers, we were seeking for long.

There are questions in life the answers of which are already with us, lying somewhere in the conscious.

The solutions to those answers do navigate in our subconscious thought process. But in a state of inundated thoughts, the extensions, the thought elements of different aspects of our lives, intertwine to make the clarity intermittently indistinct at the level of conscious, preventing us to feel the separation and dependence of one aspect of life from the other; preventing us to see one answer from the other.

And consequently the answers to the problems (or the questions) acquire multi-dimensional character creating a sort of inertia where we increasingly look for the solution, a way out anyhow, and fail to question us for the answer that we needed.

Problems create questions. The lives we live make them multi-character and hence unclear or vaguely clear. When questions persist over a period of time, we start demonizing them and seek to run away from when what we need is the ‘answer’ and not a ‘compromised solution’.

In a state of thoughtlessness, when most of the thoughts are killed temporarily and the intertwined extensions lose their character and dissolve, we have the opportunity to realize the clarity when the answers unravel the keys to them.

In a state of thoughtlessness, in some undefined, abrupt moments, our thoughts are provoked by one dominant aspect of that moment when other persons in us recruit to take a backseat.

But, getting to the state of thoughtlessness is a craft seldom mastered at.

©/IPR: Santosh Chaubey –