Thoughts flow. They come. They go. They stay put.

Thoughts evolve. They accompany. They personify.

Thoughts ideate. Thoughts pursue. Thoughts create.

The idea of a thought. The idea behind a thought.

The idea shaping a thought. The Thoughts shaping an idea.

The idea of the thought that is shapeless – the thought that takes shape on the go —

The thought that evolves as the time moves – day after day – sometime, the day is counted – sometime, the days remain unaccounted for – along our lives, with our many lives – with tales of our personal lives, with tales on our social lives.

The thought that grows on social behaviour of who we are – on how socially customizable the human beings can become in a society.

In societies that have had long runs of many orthodox cultural ethos affecting almost every sphere of personal and public life – ideas come, thoughts follow – thoughts push for ideas – and words flow – in societies facing existence many layered societies within with rapid and unequally distributed changes.

And the individual should prevail – forced or self-driven, but that should be the desired outcome – something, that should be the most wished paradigm to follow.

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