Where do we call home.
Where do we seek life.
Where do we come from.
Where do we sing life.
Where do we go.
What do we live for.
When do we take sides.
What do we die for.
A name was given to you.
A name you became.
A man was thought about.
A man you became.
Where is the home.
What became of life.
Where is the name.
What became of the guide.
Where do we come from.
Where do we go.
When do we dance.
When life sings.
When do we seek.
When do we give.
When do we cry.
Where do we go to cry.
Where do we belong.
Where questions cease.
Where answers speak.
There we call home.
Where we belong.
When life is a song.
When it can’t go wrong.
There we call home.
Its where we come from.